Australian visa application
Was your Australian visa application rejected? You have the option of making an appeal or reapplying for a new visa. Source: David Gray/AFP

There’s nothing worse than spending time — and money — preparing for your Australian visa application, only to have it rejected in the end. But don’t feel disappointed and throw in the towel — there are steps you can take, which includes making an appeal or reapplying for a new visa.

Oftentimes, the reason for your Australian visa application rejection is missing documents or mistakes made on the reviewer’s side. Source: Patrick T. Fallon/AFP

Possible reasons why your Australian visa application was rejected

Often, the reason for your Australian visa application rejection is missing documents or mistakes made on the reviewer’s side. Your rejection usually comes with a refusal letter from the immigration officer highlighting a list of reasons why you were rejected. To appeal or fix your Australian visa application, you must carefully read what you may have missed out.

Your visa application may be denied because of the following reasons:

  • Character requirement failure

  • Failure to answer additional requests

    • If you fail to provide additional documents or information that the Immigration Office has requested, you will be rejected.
  • False information

    • You need to be honest and provide accurate information when it comes to your application. If you are caught giving false information, you will be rejected.
  • Incomplete application form 

    • If you submit an incomplete application form, your visa request could be denied.
  • Invalid passport

    • Your passport must be issued during the last 10 years and valid for at least six months after your return from Australia.
  • Missing documents

  • Financial means

    • If you can’t provide proof that you can support your trip to Australia, you won’t be granted a visa.
  • Health insurance

    • It is mandatory to have health insurance when you apply for a student visa in Australia, failure to have one will result in a rejection.

If you got your visa rejected, you can apply for an appeal online to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) via their website. Source: Richard A. Brooks/AFP

How to appeal for your visa rejection

If your visa was rejected, you can apply for an appeal online via the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). However, you would need to send your request within 28 days after notice of your rejection.

Bear in mind that an appeal fee could set you back by approximately A$1,826, and you would need to pay the fee before the 28-day deadline ends.

You may be eligible for a reduced fee of up to 50% if you cannot afford it. You will be fully refunded if there’s a negative decision towards your appeal, if there’s a positive decision, you will receive a 50% refund, notes VisaGuide.World.

After you have applied for your request, the AAT will send you a letter confirming your application. Read through the letter carefully for any explanation or information needed to review your request. The duration for your appeal will vary depending on the visa in question:

  • Student Refusal – 530 days
  • Student Cancellation – 450 days
  • Temporary Work Visas – 885 days
  • Skilled Work Visas – 578 days

Note that the durations are estimates.

We wish you the best of luck and that you will be able to have your Australian visa application gets approved, whether you appealed or reapplied for it. Source: Saeed Khan/AFP

Reapplying for your Australian visa

If appealing is too costly or would take too long for you, you can reapply for another visa. Be extra careful this time by check every single document you fill or attach to your application.