Student visa applications
Some migration agents in India attach fraudulent documents with Australian student visa applications of international students. Source: Asanka Brendon Ratnayake/AFP

Visa authorities have reportedly increased scrutiny on Australian student visa applications, said a Melbourne-based migration agent. 

Australia’s Department of Home Affairs said the provision of incorrect information and bogus documents are one of the most common reasons for student visa cancellations. “Those students whose visas were cancelled and were not willing to depart voluntarily were subject to detention and removed from Australia,” read the statement, reported SBS Punjabi.

Migration agent Kailay told the portal that Australian visa authorities have ramped up their scrutiny of documentation attached to Australian student visa applications, adding that some students are deported upon landing in Australia.

Student visa applications

Students should ensure their Australian student visa applications are in order. Some students are deported upon landing in Australia, said an expert familiar with the matter. Source: Saeed Khan/AFP

Australian student visa applications: Check attached documents 

Kailay said he has recently dealt with a considerable number of cases where students were deported to their country of origin after landing in Australia. 

He added that some migration agents in India attach fraudulent documents like fake evidence of financial capacity, educational degrees and work experience with the visa applications of international students.

“These days the immigration department of Australia has increased its scrutiny on the proofs attached with the applications and on detection of any fraudulent behaviour, so the students get deported even after landing in Australia,” he was quoted saying.

“Some migration agents in countries like India strike a financial package deal with the applicants willing to migrate to Australia on a study basis [where the agent] will arrange all the relevant documents required for their visa.” 

Applicants don’t always know what documents are attached by their agents with their applications, and these students suffer the consequence of their student visa cancellations. Kailay advised visa applicants to check their applications and the attached documents before lodging them.

According to the Department of Home Affairs, Australia could cancel a students’ visa in these situations:

  • you complete the course for which we granted your student visa and you do not leave Australia or apply for a new visa within three months
  • you have changed courses since we granted your student visa and your new Confirmation of Enrolment for your principal course has an earlier end date and you do not leave Australia or apply for a new visa within 28 days of completing the course
  • you are studying more than one course on your visa (course packaging) and you finish a course early and have a gap between courses of more than 2 months (except if this gap occurs between the end of an academic year and the beginning of a new academic year).