Australian International School: Where academics and adventure align
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Australian International School: Where academics and adventure align

Celebrating 25 years of delivering a well-rounded education to students of all ages, the Australian International School in Singapore (AIS) lets quality academics and extra-curricular adventures align.

Demonstrating a commitment to high quality education through its Council of International Schools (CIS) accreditation, while also being registered to deliver the Australian HSC (Higher School Certificate) and IB (International Baccalaureate) curricula, AIS is an academic hub where every student is valued and has the chance to succeed.

To truly discover what the student experience is like at AIS, Study International interviewed Jonathon Ooi, a student who’s been at the school for twelve years, to gather his nostalgic insight of this distinguished school.

Engaging extra-curricular adventures

With first-hand experience of what the institution has to offer, Jonathon has engaged with a variety of AIS extra-curricular activities, including the Model United Nations (MUN), The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) annual conference in Singapore and the National Youth Achievement Award.

Source: Australian International School, Singapore

AIS believes in the power of outdoor education, and Jonathon often found himself included in some of the school’s varied outdoor learning experiences, “Some of my fondest memories at AIS have been at camps where we have had the opportunity to make new experiences and forge stronger friendships with our peers. Last year, for the National Youth Achievement Award, a group of us went on a hiking and kayaking expedition in Hong Kong.

“While we faced many challenges – both physical and mental – we all matured and grew closer together as we overcame these hardships. Experiences like these are truly priceless and have allowed me to develop as a student here at AIS”, he adds.

With exposure to co-curricular clubs, libraries rich with resources, sporting opportunities, performing arts and community service initiatives, learners soon transform into leaders at AIS.

As Jonathon explains, “There are plenty of leadership opportunities for students to get involved in at AIS. One example is Student Action, where elected members of the student body are empowered with the opportunity to represent their fellow peers and bring about improvements to the school community.”

To instil leadership qualities and confident communication skills in young learners, AIS employs a visible learning approach. By taking responsibility for their own learning and outcomes through schemes like Student Action, the approach encourages students to be accountable for their academic success.

Source: Australian International School, Singapore

Academic curriculum for global leaders

Passionate about preparing 21st-century explorers, AIS promotes an up-to-date, thoroughly researched curriculum that regards critical and creative thinking, ethics, intercultural understanding and digital skills as essential tools for effective learning.

To support their overall learning experience, students are encouraged to pursue interests and passions outside of the classroom, including activities such as Model United Nations (MUN.) This develops them into well-rounded adults who are prepared for the world beyond school.

“I am fortunate to have participated in MUN for the past four years, through which I have broadened my horizons and truly developed as a global citizen. By having the opportunity to participate in several MUN conferences, I have developed a greater awareness for the world and ignited a passion for making a difference in the future.”

Alongside an academic syllabus that refines well-rounded global citizens, AIS also grants students access to an Outdoor Education programme.

By connecting learners to the natural environment and extending learning beyond the campus, students are encouraged to inquire, experiment and discover the beauty of the planet and challenge the continuous effects of climate change.

Source: Australian International School, Singapore

Straying from the rigid, traditional classroom format, AIS students are praised for their innovative efforts and taught how to be resilient.

That sense of togetherness and teamwork is what Jonathon admires most about AIS, “There is a strong sense of family here at AIS, which not only facilitates our learning in the classroom, but also catalyses our development into globally focused young adults. The culture and attitudes of the school encourage us to take challenges head-on and they support us in all our endeavours.”

Life beyond AIS

You may be curious about what career prospects or higher education opportunities await graduates of AIS.

To assist with learners’ concerns and worries, AIS has a dedicated careers team where pathway advisors are on-hand to help map out the next adventure.

Keen to uncover where his qualifications may take him, Jonathon decided to pay the team a visit, “The AIS careers department have been instrumental in aiding students to navigate the complexities of life beyond secondary school. The careers counsellors are always available to have a meeting to discuss questions regarding universities and careers, as well as to guide you through making these difficult decisions.

Source: Australian International School, Singapore

“One thing I have personally found very helpful are regular guest speakers that have shared their experiences in their respective careers – this initiative has been very helpful in giving students an insight into different career pathways,” he explains.

Inspiring students to try out a multitude of disciplines including sport, the arts or community service means they have the chance to scope out their interests and the freedom to design their career.

So, if you want to immerse yourself in an academic journey that takes an experiential approach and takes you on the ultimate study adventure, apply now and create memories of your own at the Australian International School (AIS).

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