Explore diverse learning pathways at the Australian International School
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Explore diverse learning pathways at the Australian International School

“Our reputation for excellence results from not only high quality, passionate teaching from our staff, but also the resolve that our students develop in their time with us – beyond their academic pursuits and across all areas of their development.” – Andre Casson, Head of School

The Australian International School (AIS) recognizes there is no catchall approach when it comes to your child’s education. It’s an institution that promotes the notion of a 360-degree education; one that doesn’t just emphasize outstanding academics but also understands the value of sports, appreciates the arts, and acknowledges the fact that no two children are the same.

AIS is independent and inherently unique. It’s the only school in Singapore to foster teaching values derived from the Southern Hemisphere, providing a globally-facing, Australian education for students aged two to 18.

Based on Lorong Chuan in Singapore’s District 19, AIS students find themselves conveniently connected. The school sits just 10 minutes away from Orchard Road – described as the heart of the nation’s retail sector – while Singapore itself is a well-known transport hub for the rest of Southeast Asia and the region’s business centre. AIS students have the chance to get familiar with travel and adventure, gaining useful insights into diverse global cultures while earning a universally-recognised education.

Here, all students are supported regardless of their background or ability, with the school’s visionary ‘Aussie Rules: Skills for Life’  strategy elevating the community’s spirit of inclusion. “AIS is a microcosm of Australian society; no matter who you are, no matter who you want to be, AIS has a place for you,” Andre Casson explains.

“Whether you’re strong academically, a sporting person, into creative arts, someone who’s quiet, someone who’s outgoing; we have a place for you here in our school. And that’s what I love about it; no matter who you are, you are important to us and you make our place special.”

AIS students are never overlooked or undermined, taking complete control of a curriculum that can be tailored to their needs. This system ultimately means that throughout their time at AIS, students are encouraged to take the initiative and make proactive decisions about what academic path best suits their goals.

One thing that sets AIS apart from other schools of its kind is the sheer range of study pathways on offer. Understanding the global nature of its expat student population, AIS ensures its education remains relevant through an all-round international focus. Steered by close guidance from the school’s Curriculum Coordinators, students can hone and refine a route that best suits their future aspirations.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP)

Amelia Woodward

The IBDP is recognised by the world’s most prominent universities. Students who select this route are challenged and engaged, mastering a broad subject range from six curriculum compositions.

In the second year of the IBDP, three of these subjects are chosen for higher level study. Students also complete three core components: Creativity, Action, Service (CAS); Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and the Extended Essay (EE). All students are required to successfully complete these elements to receive the esteemed diploma.

Result highlights of 2017:

  • 100 percent pass rate for the second consecutive year (compared to a 70 percent global average)
  • 5 point average – the highest rate AIS students have achieved so far (compared to a 30 point global average)
  • Four students achieved a score of 40+
  • 94 percent of students achieved an ATAR of 80+ (The New South Wales ATAR state average was 70)

Amelia Woodward, a recent AIS graduate, caught the eye of distinguished universities worldwide after scoring 43 out of 45 in her IBDP last year. Since completing the program, Amelia has been offered more than one study position, and is currently deciding between Oxford University in the UK and Stanford University in the US – two of the most influential players in higher education.

New South Wales Higher School Certificate (NSWHSC)

Result highlights of 2017:

  • Nine AIS students featured on the NSWHSC Honors Roll
  • One AIS student was in the global Top 10 for Legal Studies

Gabriel Van Duinen

The NSWHSC is internationally-known as a final-year high school graduation certificate. Here, results are used to calculate the ATAR – which in turn is used to qualify for entry to Australian and overseas institutions. It promises a flexible learning journey that adapts to student needs, allowing them to specialise in a field of interest, or otherwise delve into a breadth and depth of disciplines.

Gabriel Van Duinen was one of the school’s top achievers in the HSC, achieving an ATAR score of 97.35, over 25 points higher than the New South Wales state average. His Legal Studies result was in the global Top 10 and he received three Distinguished Achiever awards. He had several university offers upon graduation from AIS, including an offer from the University of Sydney. He has decided to enrol in a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing and Public Health: Policy and Promotion at Macquarie University.

Vocational Education and Training (VET)

As a non-selective and tight-knit school community, AIS is intent on offering opportunities for all. This is why the school implements the VET portfolio, catering for those whose hopes and ambitions may lie outside the realm of university. These programs encourage students to nurture their passion; to commit to professional training and unleash their full potential. Graduates of VET at AIS leave equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to thrive in the workplace, gaining specific skills from one or two fields of study without necessarily attaining a full qualification – but of course, this is subject to preference.

Emily Segura

Emily Segura graduated top in her Hospitality VET class, and she has decided to study Event Management in Australia.

“Ever since AIS was founded 25 years ago, our parents have applauded the unique opportunities afforded to their children to grow in confidence and stature, learning to contribute with creativity and initiative – opportunities that are there for all of our students, whatever their abilities or aspirations,” the Head of School concludes.

“It is our resolve that everyone in our community will be the best version of themselves so that they are inspired to make a difference for good.”

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