Australian International School Singapore: Developing confidence through student-led discovery
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Australian International School Singapore: Developing confidence through student-led discovery

Belonging, balance and ambition; three areas that signify successful student development for Australian International School Singapore (AIS).

A southern-hemisphere school in Singapore that values student-led discovery, AIS offers a balanced Australian curriculum and a global education for students from the age of 2 months to 18 years, offered in a learning environment where all students feel welcome.

Encouraged to achieve their ambitions from an early age, students’ needs are met with a balanced academic framework and explorative learning techniques.

A curriculum that ignites curiosity and a sense of wonder

At AIS, learning is not confined to the classroom.

For Early Years students, the school’s curriculum draws on the principles of the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Placing the child at the centre of the learning experience, the strengths and passions of each learner are stimulated and developed from day one.

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By harnessing young students’ innate learning abilities and allowing them to acquire structure and knowledge in an engaging way, they are no longer restricted by rigid academic formats.

To inspire curious minds, AIS also introduces the inquiry-based approach of the IB Primary Years Programme for students aged three and up, preparing them for their elementary school experience.

Building all-round achievers and compassionate world citizens, the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (PYP) helps children from ages 6 to 12 develop knowledge, skills, concepts and attitudes that are relevant, engaging and challenging across varied subject areas.

The school’s dedicated Inquiry Centre in Lower Elementary school also allows younger students to be actively involved in their own learning, taking ownership of their academic awareness and development.

Nurturing their students’ ingenuity, AIS aims to release conventional constraints and allow its students to foster their innate ability to inquire.

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In the Secondary School stages of learning, students are given a choice of either the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP), the Australian Higher School Certificate (HSC) or Vocational Education and Training (VET) options.

Believing in the education of the ‘whole child’, AIS sparks creativity and curiosity with a combination of International and Australian curricula.

Challenge by choice

Embodying the ‘challenge by choice’ ethos, AIS inspires students to step out of their comfort zone and into new challenges and disciplines.

Providing students with a chance to explore their inner passions and awaken their ambitions, learners get involved with co-curricular activities, sports programmes, outdoor education and the arts.

For the Co-Curricular Activities Programme (CCA), the school lets children partake in chess, dance classes, debating and public speaking, international cookery, music (through the choir, music ensembles and bands), robotics classes and theatre performances.

Source: Australian International School Singapore

Participation sports are also included in the CCA programme, giving students the opportunity to try out new sports such as AFL, golf, rock climbing, scuba diving, wakeboarding, yoga and even Zumba!

Every child from prep to Year 10 takes part in the school’s progressive Outdoor Education Program, breaking down classroom walls and teaching students in natural surroundings. Being outdoors, young students start to realise the severity of climate change issues such as global warming and the impact we have on the natural environment.

A wonderful level playing field where every child can be themselves, away from the influences of media and technology, the outdoor life of learning also heightens their social skills, leadership skills and resilience.

Additional experiential programmes include visual arts, music, drama, global languages and service to the community.

By operating with a ‘challenge by choice’ mentality, AIS never forces students to take risks, but they’ll always encourage them to push themselves outside of their comfort zone and ‘have a go’.

Source: Australian International School Singapore

Tailoring pathways to support ambitions

Outstanding exam results are a regular occurrence at Australian International School Singapore.

That’s why teachers across the school are responsible for supporting students with a wide range of abilities and needs within their classrooms. Catering for academic differences, they steer students towards their individual pathways and enable them to progress in the right direction.

Committed to the notion of holistic education, AIS cherishes the arts, sports and academics as essential dimensions of each student’s education.

This is also supported by internationally-renowned thought leaders and experts who visit the school and take part in a series of lectures and round table discussions, inspiring learners with their past experiences and positive mindset.

As the Head of School, Andre Casson explains, “Ever since AIS was founded 25 years ago, our parents have applauded the unique opportunities afforded to their children to grow in confidence and stature, learning to contribute with creativity and initiative- opportunities that are there for all of our students, whatever their abilities or aspirations.”

Source: Australian International School Singapore

Fostering a community of learners who take responsibility for their choices and actions and maximise learning opportunities for all students through the differentiation of programmes and practices, the school embraces and celebrates inclusivity and diversity.

If you want your child/children to get the best results, to develop positive attitudes and a sense of personal and social responsibility, but still have the time to explore their potential through creative and challenging tasks, AIS is where their future starts.

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