Aussie students' hilarious environmental science meme page blows up
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In Australia, final school-year exams are a big deal. They are a huge determinant of whether or not high schoolers will get into university, placing a lot of onus on just a handful of months of intense study.

To cope with the stress of the Senior Science subject in their Higher School Certificate, some students from New South Wales created the Earth and Environmental Science memes page on Facebook and well, it’s golden.

It was finally discovered by the wider Australian internet earlier this week.

The page provides everything for students studying earth and environmental sciences.

Sometimes we like the subject…

…other times, not so much.

There’s lots of talk of rocks…

…tectonic plates…

…climate change…

… and dealing with exam stress.

But luckily, they got a “leaked” version of the final exam paper.

Oh, and there’s tons of David Attenborough.

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