Audencia Business School: Where knowledge meets real-world skills
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Audencia Business School: Where knowledge meets real-world skills

Business and management success is not just about theoretical knowledge — it’s about merging smarts with savvy. Hence why Audencia Business School focuses on turning know-how into real-world skills. Karem Pena from Peru, seeking a launchpad for success, was drawn to this approach and joined its MSc in International Management programme.

“I did a bachelor of economics in Peru and I was feeling like I was lacking some management skills,” she says. “I had the knowledge but no way of expressing it or communicating it effectively. However, this programme helped me develop my soft skills in a broader way.”

For Celestina Dunyoh from Ghana, studying International Management at Audencia was more about laying a solid foundation in business before specialising in the topics she was most interested in. “It’s a very holistic programme,” she says. “It teaches you a bit of everything — like HR, marketing, finance, and accounting.”

The rest of Audencia’s postgraduate programmes are just as comprehensive. The lineup currently includes in-demand areas of specialisation, such as Data Management for Corporate Finance, Public Policy and International Cooperation, Digital Business, Digital Marketing, Data Science for Marketing, Food and Agribusiness Management, as well as Cultural and Arts Management, amongst several other focus areas.

Here, courses aim to ​​instil not only proficiency but also a sense of corporate and social responsibility. This commitment is so deeply ingrained in Audencia’s ethos that it birthed the Gaïa School — an embodiment of sustainability in education which aims to accelerate ecological and societal change for individuals, organisations and society. Audencia is currently working toward ensuring all of its courses include an itinerary within Gaïa.

Audencia’s main campus is situated in the beautiful city of Nantes, France. Source: Audencia Business School

There’s never been a better place to gain a world-changing qualification. While Gaïa was launched in 2021, Audencia has been committed to corporate and social responsibility for decades. In 2004, it became the first business school in France to sign the United Nations Global Compact. In 2006, it was a member of the United Nations task force tasked to define the Principles for Responsible Management Education. In 2010, it penned an agreement with WWF France to support the training of responsible managers.

Those equally interested in making an impact can learn from the pioneers by majoring in Sustainability Performance and Management Control, Financial Markets and Sustainable Investments, Responsible Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Management for Sustainable Business, or Sustainable Luxury.

Values aside, Audencia stands out for its experience. With its roots tracing back over 120 years, it is the oldest business school in France. Its legacy is both a testament to its endurance and ability to continuously weather tides and emerge stronger. The school’s graduates, the ever-growing product of its efforts, is a global network of 34,000 professionals — all of whom love creating opportunities for current students to connect, learn, and grow.

With experience comes accolades. The triple crown of accreditations — AMBA, EQUIS, and AACSB — places Audencia in the upper echelons of global business education, standing proudly among the top 1% of business schools. Hence, its international appeal is not confined to borders; it spans continents. With a 7,200-strong student body representing over 130 nationalities across its 10 campuses in France, China, and Brazil, Audencia provides an enriching, global study environment.

“I come from a very international background, and I was looking for a very international environment,” says Shirley Fidalis-Pétard from the UK, a master in European and International Business Management graduate. “When I saw the opportunity to study in three different countries, three different cultures, three different languages, I thought ‘okay this is made for me’. Meeting everyone from different cultures on my first day was very exciting.”

Upon graduating, Fidalis-Pétard remained in France and is currently the Global Learning Director of Corporate Affairs & Engagement at L’Oréal. Such outcomes are made possible by Audencia’s promise of providing a holistic support system. Its dedicated Career Services team goes beyond hosting employment fairs (with over 250 participating companies) or assisting in internship or job hunts — it’s a lifelong companion in each student’s professional journey.

Sold? Your path to success might be more accessible than you think. Audencia offers an early application for all candidates applying by March 1st. And students can cumulate this early application scholarship with a solidarity scholarship (up to 30% depending on the Masters’ program). Click here to learn more. Don’t wait any longer and start your application.

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