Industry scheme
Does this industry scheme interest you? Source: Tucker Tangerman/Unsplash

From a year spent in a top publishing house, assisting with media events and book launches, to adapting to new technologies in one of the world’s largest engineering hubs, industry schemes expose students to endless professional opportunities.

Based on your career directions and desires, a reliable industry scheme matches undergraduate students with initiatives that instigate personal progression and development.

industry scheme

A STEAM industry scheme is a great way to advance your practical skills. Source: Ani Kolleshi/Unsplash

Offering young people active learning experiences in STEAM related careers, the Engineering Development Trust (EDT) in Scotland is one organisation that aims to give undergraduates the chance to gain industry knowledge and exposure through engaging industry placements.

So, if you’re based in Scotland and you wish to further your career while studying at university, and you’re especially interested in the STEAM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths), it’s a good time to research into the EDT Year in Industry (YINI) programme.

How could you benefit from the YINI scheme?

For Julie Feest, Chief Executive of EDT, the YINI placement excites and informs young people about STEM careers to prepare them for the imminent 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR).

“We do not yet know the roles that will be created as a consequence of the 4th Industrial Revolution, but we do know that many traditional jobs will be displaced by AI, so it is imperative that young people develop the skills that are needed for future success,” she explains.

​Providing vacancies with companies working in technology, science, engineering, business and finance across the UK, from leading FTSE 100 companies to small, innovative start-ups, around a quarter of all students are sponsored through university each year.

Throughout the YINI placement, you’ll work on projects that will enable you to gain valuable work experience that’s sought by employers.

Plus, you’ll receive ongoing support from the YINI’s year-long mentoring service, including on-site visits from the YINI team to make sure that you’re doing well and are on-track to meet your goals.

Compiling all the skills you’ve learned from your university course and channelling them into a working role will encourage you to grow and expand your knowledge further, preparing you to meet the challenges of the 4IR.

How to apply for the YINI programme

If the YINI industry scheme sounds like the perfect opportunity for you to refine your professional skills, you’ll be pleased to know that applications are currently open for the placement years 2019/20 and 2020/21.

However, to be considered for a placement, you’ll need to follow the step-by-step process below:

  1. Fill in the online form by clicking here.
  2. Select your preferred region.
  3. Once you’ve submitted the online form, their team will email you to ask for your Right to Work documentation and a CV in the YINI format (within one week).
  4. You’ll then be invited to arrange a YINI telephone interview to discuss what kind of placement you’re looking for.
  5. They will send your details out to companies that match your criteria and arrange company interviews for you.
  6. If successful, you’ll be offered a placement with the company with a precise start date.

Please note that the YINI programme also provides a competitive salary, so you don’t have to worry about funding yourself throughout the year.

One way to gain high quality work experience and gain skills that demonstrate competencies on your CV, the YINI industry scheme empowers youth from all backgrounds.

So, why not challenge yourself and experience a year in the industry of your choice?

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