turn an internship into a job
Want to turn an internship into a job? Here are some tips. Source: Shutterstock

The purpose of an internship is not only to develop work experience, although they are great for that. You can also turn an internship into a job if there is the right opportunity to do so.

If you’ve landed a great internship and would love to make it your job, there are some tips you can follow so you can get hired on a full-time basis.

An internship is a wonderful opportunity and with employment rates being what they are, it makes sense to take full advantage of them as they can lead you on a successful career path.

Here are five tips to help you turn an internship into a job.

Network with others

An internship is a great chance for you to get to know your supervisors and colleagues. Take this opportunity to talk to them about their different roles in the company and what they do day-to-day.

By doing so, you show interest in the company as well as your colleagues, positioning yourself as a dedicated employee.

It will also help you suss out which departments are looking to hire, if your internship doesn’t provide a pathway to a full-time job and is only meant to be on a temporary basis.

Make it clear that you are looking for career opportunities once your internship is over and you would be interested in filling a role, so when an opening does come up, they would be more likely to invite you to apply.

Complete your assignments on time

If you want to turn an internship into a job, you must make a good impression and show that you would be a real asset to the team.

The best way to do this is to make sure you are keeping to deadlines and completing your work in a timely manner.

Do your research

Having knowledge about the company you’re working for, as well as past and present projects they are working on, is a good way to turn an internship into a job.

Your supervisors will be able to see that you care enough to learn more about your company, which shows commitment and willingness to learn.

It will also make the hiring decisions easier, as compared to new applicants, you already know the inner workings of the company and the work that they do.

Be a reliable and responsible employee

You could be extremely talented or confident but if you lack dependability, chances are you won’t get hired on full-time basis.

Employees need to be responsible for their own work and show that they can be relied upon, as supervisors value independence in employees.

Put your work first before your personal commitments during working hours, so that your employers know that you take your work seriously and you are a responsible person.

Don’t make a habit out of coming into work late or taking long lunch breaks, as this gives off a negative impression and might prevent you from getting hired.

Show them that you’re a team player

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Everyone likes someone who’s a good team player and able to work collaboratively. As one of the top traits that employers are looking for in an employee, being an active team-player is a good way to impress your supervisors and colleagues.

To show them that you’re a team-player, always be willing to help others, even if it goes above your internship scope.

Be positive and refrain from saying no (unless you’re really under-qualified or incapable of doing a particular task) and participate actively in meetings and brainstorming sessions.

It might be intimidating if this internship is your first work experience, but in the real world, you’ll need to learn how to use your voice and develop confidence. This is great chance for you to learn how to be a team-player and contribute to your team and organisation.

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