Apple's Everyone Can Code initiative is offered to students worldwide
Students around the world can now study Apple's Everyone Can Code programme. Source:

Students who dream of becoming top coders could see their ambitions become reality as Apple rolls out its Everyone Can Code initiative to 20 universities and colleges outside the United States.

Students of all skill levels and background will now have the opportunity to master coding and app development on the year-long App Development with Swift Curriculum course.

The course has been developed by Apple engineers to produce the next generation of innovators in the ever-growing app industry.

“We launched the Everyone Can Code initiative less than a year ago with the ambitious goal of offering instruction in coding to as many people as possible,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook.

“Our program has been incredibly popular among US schools and colleges, and today marks an important step forward as we expand internationally.”

RMIT University in Australia is one of the lead partners rolling out the global initiative. They are offering an online course focusing on Apple’s programming language Swift, as well as scholarships for teachers who want to learn coding and a free summer school for ambitious secondary school students.

The online course can be accessed by students from anywhere in the world, and RMIT University also has campuses in Vietnam and Singapore.

The university hopes the new initiative will train students in digital skills that are relevant to the future economy.

“App Development with Swift will play a crucial role in helping RMIT’s students use their creativity and entrepreneurship to prepare for success in the 21st century workforce,” said Martin Bean CBE, RMIT University vice chancellor and president.

“I’m so excited to have the chance to begin learning with Apple’s App Development curriculum, and for the opportunities it could open for my future,” said Tenisha Fernando, a fourth year RMIT student.

“The Swift programming language is used by developers to create some of the world’s best apps, and it would be great to join them in sharing my own ideas.”

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