Google invests US$1b into technology education
Google is to invest US$1bn into technology education. Source:

Although the future of tech is supposed to be an artificially intelligent one, Google is investing US$1 billion into educating people in technology.

Google is the world leader in many aspects of technology. From its search engine and web services to its Android operating system, Google’s expertise and influence in the tech world is undeniable.

With tech developing at such a rapid pace, it is easily one of the most exciting sectors in which to get involved.

Although there are fears the evolution of the tech industry will lead to AI becoming more efficient than workers and eventually replace manual work, Google’s CEO thinks otherwise.

“I remain a technology optimist. Not because I believe in technology, but because I believe in people,” said Sundar Pichai.

Around 2,600 full scholarships will be funded by the company through non-profit organisations, the company said.

Google will also ensure these courses cement employment, by connecting graduates with potential employers including Bank of America, L’Oreal and PNC Bank.

Although the development of technology projects the emergence of AI working in the tertiary sector, Google is confident there is still a place for human minds in the years to come.

“We understand there’s uncertainty and even concern about the pace of technological change. But we know that technology will be an engine of growth for years to come,” Pichai said.

Google additionally announced it is developing programs to make tech “far more accessible as a career”.

A “first-of-its-kind” program in tech support is launching, with the Professional Support Certificate including hands-on labs to take learners to job readiness in eight to 12 months.

Google hopes the investment will raise the skill level of those interested in tech, which will benefit both the individual, Google, and the tech industry as a whole.

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