Forget Spotify, Apple Music's 50pc student deal now available in 82 countries.
For your listening pleasure. Love, Apple. Source: Shutterstock

The student membership programme for Apple Music will now be available at an additional 82 markets, the multinational technology company announced yesterday.

This expansion means students at countries such as Israel, Malaysia, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal and Taiwan, will now be able to sign up for the monthly subscription at a 50 percent discount, CNET reported. Seventy-nine markets were launched on Monday and the remaining three will go live on Feb 26, according to Tech Crunch

The discount lasts for 48 months, but does not have to run continuously. Students who are on a semester break can stop the programme and sign up again when they return to school.

Apple Music first launched its student deal two years ago. Previously, only students in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and certain European countries could get the half-off offer for the monthly subscription.

To qualify for the membership, students must be able to prove that they are studying a bachelor degree, post-graduate degree, or equivalent Higher Education courses. Masters students are also eligible for the deal.

In the US, Apple is coming hot on the heels of Spotify as the largest music streaming service. Apple’s subscribers are growing around five percent a month, the Wall Street Journal reported. Spotify, the first to corner the on-demand streaming music, is only increasing its subscriber base by around two percent per month.

In terms of deals for US university students, Apple Music charges US$4.99 per month, while Spotify is priced at US$5 monthly. Both discounts last 48 months, though mechanisms differ.

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