ANU College of Law – Producing Australia’s most employable graduates
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ANU College of Law – Producing Australia’s most employable graduates

“The ANU College of Law offered me the flexibility and opportunity to study a wide range of subjects and explore the areas I was interested in.”Ruohan Zhao, ANU Law Graduate

Situated in the heart of Australia’s capital city, the ANU College of Law offers students a range of opportunities unique to studying law in the nation’s capital.

The city is home to Commonwealth Parliament, the High Court of Australia, more than 80 embassies and high commissions, plus a wide range of federal government institutions and regulatory bodies. This capital location provides the ideal setting for established legal practitioners and aspiring professionals to not just to study law, but also to experience how laws and policies are made.

This top global law school is internationally recognised as an ‘all-rounder’ for excellence in education, research and community outreach. Renowned for its Law Reform and Social Justice Program, the School is a hub of opportunity with professional development, internship, study abroad and industry engagement programs forming the foundation of the ANU Law student experience.

Opportunities such as the ANU Law World Bank Scholarship Program, offered in partnership with the World Bank Group’s Integrity Vice Presidency (INT), is just one example. This prestigious internship program equips Bachelor and Juris Doctor students with the practical legal experience needed to stand out from the crowd. Participants undertake a six-month placement with the INT’s Special Litigation Unit, with the scholarship covering expenses while students work as fellows.

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“My time with the World Bank gave me a unique opportunity to learn about the World Bank’s sanctioning system, the nature of corruption in public procurement, and the obstacles faced in the fight against corruption,” says Maxine Viertmann, ANU Law graduate and former intern at the Bank’s Washington DC office.

“It also allowed me to practice my legal drafting, editing and investigative skills,” she adds.

“The World Bank is truly a microcosm of the world – it’s definitely one of the most multicultural and diverse work environments I’ve ever been exposed to.”

Without the opportunities available during her time at ANU, Maxine may never have gained access to such valuable industry experience. She urges fellow students to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity, “particularly if you have an interest in the intersection between anti-corruption, legal frameworks and global development.”

The ACT Supreme Court Indigenous Mentoring Program is another unparalleled opportunity unique to ANU. It provides students with an insight into the real-world legal profession. Fourth-year Arts/Law student, Kylie Beutel, leapt at the chance to watch over a criminal trial from behind the scenes and got to observe every aspect from empanelment through to sentencing.

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The program gave Kylie the opportunity to see first-hand how juries are selected and directed, as well as how evidence is collected and presented in court. Although she admits the system was much more complex than she imagined, she says the experience she gained through the program provided her with a deeper understanding of the legal process and equipped her with valuable knowledge and skills she’ll use throughout the rest of her studies.

“I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my law degree when I started it,” she says, “I just knew having it would open doors for me.

“I would love to work for the United Nations,” Kylie adds, “and I know having an ANU law degree will give me the skills to complement a career in international policy development.”

Daniel Wei-En Kang, third-year LLB (Hons) / International Relations Flexible Double Degree student, says he also chose to capitalise on the wealth of extracurricular opportunities offered at the ANU College of Law. During his time at the ANU Law School, he was fortunate enough to intern at the Academic Network of United Nations Association of Australia (UNAA).

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“As an intern, while I was given the opportunity to draft four sections for the UNAA’s annual Human Rights Position Paper, I mainly supported the Academic Network’s expansion – from engaging with academics to attending very insightful public lectures hosted or supported by the UNAA,” he says.

Here, Daniel explored how the informal politicization of the judiciary affects the rule of law, also delving into the boundaries of international disaster law, among other diverse and topical subjects. The breadth and depth of his engagement with and exposure to different legal disciplines will elevate him out in the field and has instilled a comprehensive perspective towards both his studies and career.

The ANU Law School’s global outlook, paired with the Australian National University’s ranking as the number 1 university in Australia, cements its reputation for producing some of the world’s most employable law graduates. If you are interested in studying law at the 12th-best Law School in the world, you can find out more at the ANU Open Day in Singapore, on Sunday, September 2.

You’ll get to talk to ANU Law students and staff about your interests and career goals, and hear about the diverse range of internship and study abroad opportunities. Interactive presentations and discussions will take place throughout the day, shedding light on everything you need to know from general student life through to international career development.

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If you want to become part of an elite global alumni network, this is an event you can’t afford to miss.

“If you’re thinking about studying law, give it a go,” says ANU Law Graduate Tara Peramatukorn.

“You will either find it to be a very satisfying degree which constantly challenges the way you think, or you will develop a set of skills which are very transferrable in a number of career contexts. I chose to study law at the Australian National University because of the leading reputation of its international law faculty.”

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