Aspire, grow and succeed with ANU College of Law
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Aspire, grow and succeed with ANU College of Law

If you’re searching for an institution that will introduce you to the concepts and complexities of law, the Australian National University (ANU) is the ideal place to start. At the distinguished ANU College of Law, Australia’s national law school, you’ll be welcomed into a global community of changemakers and legal pioneers.

By delivering extraordinary legal education and maintaining high levels of student satisfaction, the college has become home to one of the world’s leading law schools. Since 1958, ANU Law School has helped shape and influence public policy to address the major social, legal and political challenges of today.

Aspire to a greater level of Law at ANU

ANU College of Law is always finding new and innovative ways to take their students’ skillset to the next level. As the world becomes increasingly connected, the college understands the importance of an up-to-date curriculum full of contemporary theory.

By strategically weaving multidimensional modules and the current state of world affairs into its syllabus, ANU produces graduates with strong intercultural skills and a strong sense of global awareness. With the Bachelor of Laws (LLB Hons) degree, you’ll learn from a diverse collection of compulsory courses such as environmental law, international law, and human rights.

Stretch yourself with the university’s unique Flexible Double Degree. Rather than opting for a single degree, you have the freedom to combine your career goals and pair the subject of law with another discipline. If you’re concerned that this means double the work, relax. ANU will create a single program of study from your two options, and this only adds one more year to your studies.

If you’re looking to further your knowledge of law with postgraduate qualifications, you can boost your experience with a Master of Laws (LLM). Just like the undergraduate program structure, you’re given a chance to build your schedule by choosing from more than 80 Masters courses. With the help of the creative ANU course builder, you can design your own degree.

Grow alongside ANU Research and Innovation

The Australian National University has achieved the top 5* rating in the past three Excellence In Research Australia (ERA) reports, in which the college is often praised for its leading research in law and legal studies.

With five research centres, a multitude of research areas are explored at the ANU College of Law. For example, the Centre for Commercial Law (CCL) highlights emerging topics such as privatization, government contracting, globalisation and international aspects of commercial law. The Centre for Military and Security Law (CMSL), on the other hand, strives to future-proof organisational policy and program agendas.

Every year, the College attracts international and Australian visiting academics. By hosting notable legal scholars, you’re exposed to a variety of viewpoints, allowing you to expand your expertise with outside knowledge. Plus, there are always research highlights posted online for you to witness breakthroughs made at ANU.

By studying at ANU in Canberra, Australia’s capital city, you’ll be connected to a thriving network of law firms, judicial and legislative bodies, and national government departments and agencies. There are internship opportunities offered by the College and the University’s unique Australian National Internship Program (ANIP) at offices including the Attorney-General’s Department and Australian Government Solicitor, as well as the national parliament and foreign embassies.

You can walk to Australia’s top court – the High Court – and the national parliament, on the southern bank of Lake Burley Griffin. The Federal Court and Family Court are literally on the campus’ edge, while the Australian Capital Territory’s Legislative Assembly, and magistrates and supreme courts are a short walk away.

The strategic location of Canberra means that you can go to many Australian government, University– and law-based events and research conferences that will build up your CV for your future career. That’s why at ANU, there are no restrictions to your learning; this is an institution that strengthens both your potential and your professional portfolio.

Succeed as an ANU Law student

To acquire an insight into ANU student life, Study International spoke to Bachelor of Laws (Honours) student Karan Dhamija. By unravelling the highlights of his studies, Karan is helping other international students to work towards a globally-recognised postgraduate legal qualification at ANU.

As Karan explains, “During my time at ANU, I was able to work as part of the Canada, Australia and New Zealand (CANZ) negotiation and the burden-sharing bloc in my committee of the United Nations General Assembly. I was very lucky to be able to negotiate on behalf of those countries, and with other like-minded countries on a lot of topics, ranging from large-scale construction projects and funding for international courts in Cambodia (Extraordinary Chambers in the Criminal Courts of Cambodia).”

ANU College of Law unlocks many doors, so students are introduced to a world of opportunities and high-profile projects. By applying a practical approach to its academic framework, the college inspires learners to merge their knowledge with real-life situations. With a sustainable balance of study and practice, ANU academics are confident and ready to take on the 21st-century challenges of law.

For future students, Karan also provides some advice. “Studying at ANU is a great opportunity. The various schemes and projects that the College can link you to are as close to diplomacy in action as you could get, and they give you the chance to combine your knowledge of different issues with your work skills.” By encouraging you to aspire, grow and succeed in the world of law, you’ll always be advancing with the help of ANU.

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