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An MA History of Art of unparalleled breadth, depth and location

The Courtauld Institute of Art. Is located in central London, a mecca of world-class museums, historical sites and galleries Ranked as one of the top three universities worldwide for the study of the History of Art, it is home to one of the largest graduate Art History programmes anywhere in the world, unrivalled in its combination of intellectual breadth and depth. Courtauld graduates receive a degree that is awarded by the University of London (UoL), as the Institute is an independent College of UoL.

The MA History of Art is the best in research-led teaching by world-class faculty members in a unique, single-subject setting. Students who have completed undergraduate study in the humanities, social sciences or liberal arts will find this programme enlightening and a solid progression into the next step of their career.

The Courtauld Institute of Art

Source: The Courtauld Institute of Art

Amongst the many attributes that make this programme stand out is its duration and location: Unlike other MA programmes that can take up to 24 months of study, the MA History of Art is concentrated into a nine month programme. You’ll join other talented students from across the globe at its central London campus. Close to London’s Museum Mile, the campus offers students easy access to a wealth of London’s outstanding cultural offer, including museums, galleries, and libraries such as the British Library, the British Museum and The National Gallery. The Courtauld hosts one of the greatest art collections in the UK, including iconic Impressionist and Post-Impressionist masterpieces such as Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear and Manet’s A Bar at the Folies-Bergère.

Pair this unparalleled vibrant cultural scene with outstanding training in specialised analytical and communication skills, and graduates evolve into versatile, intellectually astute art historians and museum professionals equipped to make an important contribution to public life.

Graduate Yoojin Choi, now an Exhibition Project Curator at the Victoria and Albert Museum, agrees. “At The Courtauld, I gained valuable skills in thinking critically and the ability to make links through art and visual culture. These learnings have stayed with me when working on a temporary exhibition about pop culture from South Korea at the V&A Museum.”

“The MA Special Option gave me the opportunity to research cross-cultural connections and to expand art history beyond the canon of oil paintings. I enjoyed seeing through global perspectives fostered by the focused unit of my course and engaging conversations with classmates. The course equipped me with a unique specialism and interdisciplinary frameworks that guided me to my current career working with art and objects from East Asia.”

The Special Options classes, taught in small groups of just eight to ten students, focus on the research specialisms of faculty members. These change each year, with over 20 Special Options on offer. They range from the early Middle Ages to the present, and from Britain, Europe and North America to Iran, China and Latin America. For two semesters, students immerse in the scholarship and issues pertinent to their chosen field. They’re encouraged to join the almost daily series of seminars and conferences organised by The Courtauld’s acclaimed Research Forum.

The Courtauld Institute of Art

Source: The Courtauld Institute of Art

The Courtauld’s location mean it is a gateway to many enriching experiences; it’s the ideal living laboratory for any art enthusiast. London’s arts scene is dynamic, as are its music venues, theatres, bars, and clubs. Many are just walking distance from the campus, providing endless inspiration for students and faculty.

Such opportunities are the very reason Nina was drawn to the programme. “The chance to go to university in London, with access to the fantastic libraries and artworks here, meanwhile working alongside leading scholars in the field, was a chance I did not want to miss,” she says.

What Nina loves most about her master’s programme is that it is both liberating and empowering. “One of my favourite things about the course is that, although you specialise in your period, there are evening talks that cover a range of topics,” she says. “I found the careers programme particularly useful. The alumni networking event gave us an opportunity to talk to successful Courtauld graduates and discuss the next step in our career.”

Nina will graduate with highly transferable skills, preparing her for a wide range of employment opportunities. Hers is a a journey filled with many memories to cherish for a lifetime. “Looking back over the year fondly, the study trip to Rome in January was a personal highlight. A travel fund from the university made the trip accessible for everyone,” she says, adding “It is experiences like this and the friends and tutors I have met in the process that I will not forget.”

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