An enriching study environment where law students can thrive

When it comes to education, your study environment is just as important as the quality of your academic programme.

There are so many aspects of the academic experience that can enhance your time as a student, like the resources offered by the university.

It’s essential for a university to have good study resources that cater to individual study styles, since no student learns in the same way.

Armed with the tools needed for success, students can develop and become more engaged so they can reap the benefits of their degree.

Providing a study environment where students can grow

During their free time, students need a place where they can feel both comfortable and focused so they can have productive study sessions in an enriching environment.

For many students, especially those who live in dorms, studying at home can be very distracting, which is why they choose to study at the library. However, not all libraries are appropriately designed to offer the best learning environment.

At Emory University, the Hugh F. MacMillan Law Library for law students is a conducive study environment which caters to all sorts of learners.

With four floors, 132 study carrels and 450 seats, the large and beautiful space allows every student to find their own comfortable spot to buckle down and study in, or hold engaging discussions with peers.

Floors one, three and four are for ‘light noise’ and the second floor is the ‘talking space’, where students can converse with others at a normal volume without causing any distraction.

The Granger Hansell Room on the third floor is completely silent, ideal for those who need complete focus when studying.

Emory University School of Law

Plus, the collection at the library, managed and constantly updated by the Collection Services team, is extensive – exceeding 300,000 items including 660 study aids – making it a resourceful study environment.

There’s also the Research Services team, who not only assist students and faculty in digging into their research topics, but also teach courses in the Mastery Series, aimed at building students’ crucial legal research skills.

The Access Services team ensures students can efficiently obtain vital materials like study aids, course reserves and vast collections at the library, saving students’ valuable time.

Law students can also use the general Robert W. Woodruff Library, where there are additional resources such as the Interlibrary Services department, computing facilities, course reserves and more.

Resources for all students to help them succeed

For international students, Emory Law also offers an abundance of academic and community resources, including an English as a Second Language (ESL) specialist.

A Legal Foundations programme, held in July, helps international students coming to the US for the first time adjust to the new environment and practice their English skills before regular classes begin.

Additionally, all LLM students have full access to the Center for Professional Development and Career Strategy and the Emory Library system, which has more than 4.6 million print and electronic volumes.

Students also have access to a wide range of advising support and study skills programmes to optimize their opportunities for success.

Emory University, School of Law

Under the Office of Academic Engagement and Student Success, the Houses programme connects new students to current students in the JD and LLM programmes who have been through their first years and can offer helpful advice.

It provides a way for all students to interact and bond with each other, so they can develop social relationships outside the classroom.

There’s also the ‘Study Smarter’ series which provides students with guidance on the bar admission process and the bar exam, how to manage their time efficiently, and how to have a healthy study-life balance.

At every step of their journey, from the study environment to the academic experience, students are well supported at Emory Law, thriving both personally and professionally.

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