The Emory Law LL.M. advantage
Emory University - School of Law

Emory University’s School of Law boasts countless accolades for diversity, teaching excellence, and unique course offerings tailored to fit students’ needs and goals — but the Emory Law advantage is perhaps best illustrated by the achievements of graduates past and present.

For example, until the early 1960s, private schools in Georgia that admitted students of colour risked losing their tax-exempt status. As a result, many of Georgia’s private schools remained segregated. That changed in 1962, when two Emory Law graduates presented — and won — a case at the state’s Supreme Court which nullified this measure in the state’s constitution.

In Emory’s own words, this victory remains “a powerful example of how the law can lead to social change.”

This incredible achievement is just one example of the Emory Law advantage in action, and one that celebrates the school’s long-standing “legacy of diversity.” This legacy, combined with the school’s innovative educational approach and experiential opportunities, make it easy to see why Emory is ranked one of the top law schools in the US.

Customisable courses

At Emory, LL.M. students are given ultimate control over their academic journeys and can choose from a variety of unique signature courses to achieve their career goals. Students work alongside an advisor to create their own curriculum.

Signature areas of strength at Emory

In addition to standard areas of study such as intellectual property law, health law, and labour/employment law, Emory Law allows students to fine-tune their educational experience according to their career aspirations in additional signature areas of strength. Some of these include transactional law, law and religion, human rights law, public law and regulation, and child law and policy.

Emory University – School of Law

Courses are taught by a global faculty of world-class scholars. Many of Emory’s Law faculty members are Ivy-League educated, widely published and highly experienced, which means students can enjoy unmatched guidance and support from leading authorities of the subject.

Learn the processes, practice the methods

The Emory Law advantage goes far beyond the classroom. Students can also gain practical experience and enhance their skills through simulation courses, externships, and other hands-on learning initiatives.

Emory’s variety of simulation courses are particularly beneficial for LL.M. students looking to gain real-world insight into their chosen careers. The school’s “Doing Deals” courses cover a variety of subjects, including Accounting in Action, Commercial Real Estate Transactions, Corporate Practice, and Deal Skills, just to name a few.

Emory also offers several externship programmes, in which students may have the opportunity to experience what it’s like to work in a public defender or prosecutor’s office, government agency, nonprofit organization, judge’s chambers, or in-house counsel’s office in the Atlanta metro area.

Ideal for international students

Twenty percent of Emory Law students are international, so students benefit from the school’s culturally-diverse student population.

Studying internationally comes with its own unique challenges. Emory’s International Student and Scholar Services facility assists students with every step of their journey, providing guidance and updates on visas, fees, and even medical requirements.

Additionally, international graduates of Emory’s LL.M. programme may be eligible to sit the bar exam for any state which accepts foreign-trained lawyers.

Emory University – School of Law – LLM classroom

Even international students who don’t intend to practice law in the United States will benefit from Emory’s global approach. Many of Emory’s law graduates pursue careers in law all over the world, and their extensive knowledge of the American legal system gives them an edge when it comes to employment. An Emory LL.M. qualification is recognised and highly-respected around the world.

From Emory Law student to successful legal professional

Emory Law’s LL.M. graduates are well-equipped to serve their communities in a personalised capacity after graduation.

Careers in the public interest sector are a popular career path for Emory Law graduates. Through a variety of courses, seminars, and academic programs and projects, students can explore a wide range of public interest issues, including child advocacy, international human rights, environmental law, global health law and policy, and environmental and natural resources law.

LL.M. students at Emory can also develop and pursue their career goals with the help of Emory Law’s Career Centre. From the moment they arrive, students meet one-on-one with a career counsellor that networks with area employers and provides a myriad of job search resources and training.

If you’re a law student or legal professional looking to sharpen your skills and earn practical experience, all in “an environment of support and cooperation that encourages challenging the status quo,” consider an LL.M. at Emory University. Emory’s commitment to diversity — alongside its signature blend of experiential education and industry links with firms in the Atlanta area — make it a top choice for international students looking to differentiate themselves from other legal professionals.

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