Amazon delivery. Source: Jeramey Lende/Shutterstock.
Source: Jeramey Lende/Shutterstock.

Thousands of schools all over the globe are hard stretched for resources. With education budgets set to decrease even further in the US in 2018, Amazon have stepped up.

Amazon associates in North Texas recently delivered approximately US$39,000 worth of support for six schools in Dallas and Fortworth. This included US$15,000 worth of backpacks filled with school supplies and a US$24,000 donation towards STEM subjects in the schools.

The donation ‘tour’ spanned two days as Amazon visited four Fortworth schools and two in Dallas. The lucky schools were John T. White Elementary School, Carroll Peak Elementary School, Clifford Davis Elementary SchoolGlencrest 6th Grade CenterMartin Luther King, Jr. Learning Center and T.W. Browne Middle School.

Students and staff welcomed the donations, which were given to further students’ learning and ensure the success of pupils in the Dallas area.

Speaking with CBS Dallas Local Amazon said the donations were part of its “ongoing commitment to give back to local communities where its employees work and live.”

This is not the first time Amazon has made generous donations to US schools. During the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the company doubled all cash donations given via their website as well as setting up a “Red Cross Wish List” of products for people to donate to those in need. 

Students can look forward to a well-funded future at the schools. The supplies will advance pupils’ learning for the here and now. Whereas, the investment in STEM subjects will hopefully pave the way for new STEM leaders to emerge from previously ignored backgrounds.

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