Students can now get heavily discounted Amazon Prime. Source: Shutterstock.
Students can now get heavily discounted Amazon Prime. Source:

Picture this: it is a rainy Thursday afternoon, your classes have ended for the day and your eyes hurt from staring at lecture slides on your laptop. You have had enough of reading about enzymes and before you know it, you have switched tabs on your browser and you are Internet shopping.

Amazon is the first port of call for many students when buying… well, anything, online. And now, students are able to access the elusive benefits of Amazon Prime for a heavily discounted price.

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The beautiful weeks after your student loan dropped are now a distant memory. You need toilet roll, two obscure textbooks and a new phone charger ASAP. The town or city centre is a bus ride away and you are so cosy at home. Then you see it, Amazon Prime’s new plan.

Amazon is allowing students to pay monthly under their special Prime Student plan. That is good news for cost-conscious students at any time of year. You can also stop your subscription for any duration, should you so wish.

Amazon has offered student deals in the past. But the new option for monthly payment on Prime Student will enable many more to afford the luxury.

The service costs only US$5.49 per month and you only pay for the months you want. If you would rather pay yearly, it will cost a lump sum of US$49. That is a hefty discount compared with the normal annual cost of US$99.

The best part? If you are new to Amazon Prime you get a six-month free trial.

The savvy students who sign up can expect extra speedy delivery, awesome box-sets and films via Prime Video, unlimited free streaming via Prime Music and huge storage space for photos via Prime Photos.

So rejoice in the fact you can now sit back and relax in the confidence your toilet roll, textbooks and  phone charger are on their way to you imminently. And while you wait, you might as well make the most of that handy streaming service.

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