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Algebra University College: Dynamic Applied Computer Engineering programmes

Algebra University College, the flagship of Croatia’s largest private educational group in over 20 cities, is the only institution in the country that meets the Dutch-Flemish accreditation agency NVAO’s quality requirements.

Just last year, the Accreditation Council of the National Agency for Science and Higher Education (ASHE) approved the launch of Algebra University in Zagreb – the first private university in the field of technical sciences in Croatia. It’s the latest feather in its cap, following various awards over the years, including Top Rated Professional Study Programme in 2012 and Microsoft Learning Partner of the Year 2014.

Yet, Algebra is aware that it has to constantly keep abreast of technological developments and what employers are looking for, which means their academic programmes are continually being refined.

For example, knowing that digital technologies are becoming more popular today, Algebra has innovated four postgraduate programmes in Applied Computer Engineering, which are fully taught in English and completed within four semesters:

Software Engineering

For those who have completed undergraduate studies in computer engineering and know object-oriented languages like C++ and Java as well as relational database (SQL) languages, this programme will be a perfect fit, especially if one has strong programming skills.

System Engineering

This programme will teach students how modern IT systems are designed and built and how to choose the right equipment and technologies that will ensure the most robust, resilient, secure and efficient IT system. Students will also learn how to use various security solutions, such as next-generation firewalls. There are opportunities to earn internationally recognised certificates and receive a Dreamspark Premium subscription to over 160 Microsoft products.

Game Development

With the gaming industry boom and worldwide shortage of game developers, students will be taught the necessary skills and knowledge so as to have a competitive market advantage and land successful jobs in independent studios or AAA companies.

“What I absolutely love here is the emphasis on applying what you’ve learned. They don’t just teach theory and general principles about how things work; they show us much more and in more detail about different industry applications,” shares Nathan Sievers, an American who moved to Croatia to study Game Development.

Data Science

In this interdisciplinary programme, students can select any electives such as data visualisation, data engineering and data product management, among others. They will create a “product” based on data and gain storytelling skills, a crucial edge in today’s job market.

“The Data Science programme takes a practical and innovative approach, which allows students to try many new techniques, meet the right people and choose the path for the future,” says Data Science student Kateryna Lelas.

From 2022, students can apply for the MITx MicroMasters programme, a collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology, on top of their two-year master’s degree programme at Algebra University College.

Joint Graduate Study Programme in Computer Science – Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence (IoT & AI)

Accredited as part of the ALGEBRA (TIIT) project, and co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund, students in this programme can obtain critical, entrepreneurial and teamwork skills, and become well-equipped industry professionals with in-depth knowledge of both IoT and AI. The first year will be spent in Zagreb and the second year in Paris’s EPITECH; students will receive degrees from both institutions.

Outstanding support for students

Besides international exchange opportunities with more than 120 partnering institutions worldwide and the excellent programmes that have seen 96% of students find work in their study area within three months after graduation, many international students also praise Algebra’s support services.

The Buddy programme pairs senior students with juniors to get them acquainted with campus, offer academic support, and access career counselling plus Erasmus+ exchange programme or internships.

Ukrainian Elisabeth Borysiuk, a second year student, attributes her positive experience to the daily support and assistance from teachers, the Career Centre, Student Office and International Office.

Digital Marketing graduate Mohamed Hafez from Cairo agrees: “From day one, I felt very comfortable at Algebra. It is a place that is welcoming, young, digital, cool and filled with incredible positive energy. Studying at Algebra University College has had a huge impact on the development of my knowledge and skills.”

Algebra’s students interested in academic research and publication can also receive mentorship support for research preparation and paid publication costs. Students who want to start their own business can access Algebra’s LAB incubator to participate in a three-semester innovative project to create and market a digital product prototype or work on real-world digital projects via Digital Talents.

COVID-19 Readiness

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Algebra continued to offer the maximum quality in teaching. Online lectures were introduced, and students could attend onsite labs with safety measures.

Algebra’s Dean, Mislav Balkovic is confident Algebra’s students will continue to enjoy the same quality of education: “Our staff is dedicated … to make sure that students are kept informed at all times and enjoy a safe study environment at Algebra.”

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