Advance your career through Continuing Education and Online Learning
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Since the arrival of the digital age, there’s been an overwhelming surge of innovative technologies and modern work approaches popping up in the education sector.

Due to the rise of technological trends, online learning has secured a space in many university frameworks. By providing a flexible solution to continuing education, students everywhere have the chance to elevate their professional position.

Through a stable internet connection and a desire to excel their expertise, learners soon gain international recognition from potential employers for their adaptability and dedication to virtual tuition.

As Study International highlights, the future of distance learning looks bright. For the multi-generational workforce of today, degree qualifications that are accessible via the simple click of a button are beneficial for nomadic travelers and on-the-go students.

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According to Learning House’s annual report with Aslanian Market Research (AMR), three quarters of online university students claimed they had undertaken their degree for ‘career-focused reasons’.

By outlining that online programmes increased by 3 percent in 2017, the report shows that there were around 3.85 million distance learning candidates worldwide last year.

For science, engineering, mathematics and tech fields, many online Master’s programs have benefited from the rise in student engagement. Many graduates have spent their primary university years in lecture halls and sat through face-to-face seminars, but others prefer an alternative learning style.

From qualifying in the practical and basic elements of their selected STEM subject, distance learning students have the freedom to tweak their knowledge with theoretical exercises and video chats with online tutors. As such, they don’t necessarily need to be confined to a campus.

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Online education doesn’t just progress your skillset, it also develops your personal growth. Sine your course peers are spread out across different cities and continents, you won’t have a physical support system around you. Instead, you’ll rely on a strong sense of self-discipline and time-management.

When choosing an online university to advance your STEM career, ensure the institution has a valid career service in place. Though the degree itself will elevate your work portfolio, it’s also wise to safeguard your future and seek additional advice.

Despite being digitally-connected, you may lose sight of your end goal when expected to hit deadlines. That’s why it’s always best to have support, virtually or physically, from a respected STEM educator.

Here are 4 universities that acknowledge the importance of online learning and virtual support…


Ranked by the US News & World Report (2018) and the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR 2018-2019) as one of the best global universities, The University of New Mexico (UNM) is thriving in today’s digital landscape.

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For engineering and tech enthusiasts, UNM has an extensive selection of online graduate engineering and learning sciences courses, including the Master of Construction Management (MCM), the Internet of Things (MSCPE) Master’s in Computer Engineering, the Master’s in Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering in Space Systems Engineering, and the Organization, Information & Learning Sciences – Learning Officer online programs.

UNM has been continuously accredited through the Higher Learning Commission since 1922, and has also been a member of the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (SARA) since 2015. By offering affordable education online opportunities, your learning potential here is limitless.

So, if you’re looking for an online institution that treats learners as individuals and provides dedicated support services to keep you on track, UNM is the place to excel your STEM expertise.

As UNM online student Marissa Cuellar explains, “The distance learning programs here enable you to work full time and to be financially stable while pursuing your academic aspirations. Support is always available, and they do an incredible job of connecting what we’re learning to our daily lives.”


With a hands-on approach to online education, Oregon Tech Online has established a loyal network of learners over the years. Through a growing number of programs that can be accessed digitally, the institution has earned various awards and accolades.

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Depending on your engineering experience, Oregon Tech offers multiple specialties of the subject. Through its online MSE programs, you’ll direct your interests for embedded systems engineering, interconnected devices and other disciplines using a user-friendly interface.

To walk you through the virtual learning experience, there’s a step-by-step checklist available which will link you to your Oregon Tech account, allowing you to register for upcoming classes and order any textbooks you’ll need throughout your modules.

Despite choosing distance education as your preferred lesson format, this online university maintains a close-knit community. You’ll have the choice to contact a peer consultant and schedule group appointments for study sessions with online classmates.

By gaining access to the PCS online system, users can share valuable files and documents for the consultant to review. This is a great way for registered professionals to interact with their colleagues and establish a knowledge-sharing partnership with professors.


Temple University is continuing students’ education with specialised Graduate Programs and strategic leadership certificates.

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Regardless of your current working situation, Temple is there to steer you through your life plan with interactive career assessments and coaching. Within its Writing Center, you can address any issues you face regarding email etiquette, cover letters or personal projects with ease.

Alongside content-rich courses, you’ll be exposed to English Language learner support. Through Skype video calls, you can link up with a Temple conversation partner and build up your English vocabulary, practice communication skills and acquire cultural expressions.

Temple University utilises all technological devices. From handheld tools to the classic computer, online education programs are suited to fit every screen. As you’ll be granted admission to the web-conferencing  platforms and the new learning management system, there’s nothing holding you back from an effective education experience.

Plus, if you ever find yourself in Philadelphia, you’ll be welcome to engage with campus events and use the libraries to enhance your studies. Or, if you don’t have the time to meet your professor in real-life, don’t worry – there are virtual tutoring meetings available!


Boasting a world-class faculty through a flexible format, Boston University’s online programs are accredited by US News & World Report (2018) for their contemporary flair for teaching.

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For tech-based Master’s programs, the university features a qualification for one of the largest and fastest-growing professions within 21st-century- software development. On the online Master of Science in SD, you’ll adopt the ability to understand business and technical requirements and start producing robust, reliable designs and code.

To solidify students’ media skills, BU announced this year that they will have access to MyMedia. This will give them unlimited video storage and easy-to-use presentation and recording tools; something that truly makes this university stand out.

Adding to the BU experience, SMARTHINKING is another benefit of being an online learner here. Globally-known for winning awards for impeccable tutor support, it’s a huge advantage in terms of coursework and communication.

Even after BU graduation, alumni still have to use the school’s dedicated career services. Whether you need help with live interview practice or you need to revamp your employment profile, you’ll successfully advance your career through continuing education and online learning.

*Some of the institutions featured in this article are commercial partners of Study International

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