A day in the life of a Perth international student

A day in the life of a Perth international student


Hit snooze.


Five minutes pass in the blink of an eye, but still you roll over, and again hit snooze.

Beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep – okay!

Rise and shine, sleepy head! It’s a beautiful day in Perth, and you’re waking up to the world’s sunniest capital city. Pull up those shorts and slip on those ‘thongs’ (no laughing mate, it’s strictly ‘Aussie’ slang – those of us in the rest of the world might refer to our ‘thongs’ as ‘flip flops’…) – it’s time to start living the Perth student life.

Step 1: ‘Brekkie’

(Otherwise known as ‘Breakfast’…)

You’ve been here a good few months now but you still can’t get over the awesomeness of your Perth student apartment. With spacious style and trendy inner-city convenience, you know you really did bag the best of both worlds – and as a city that currently ranks as the cheapest in Australia, you can’t help but feel smug as you pace your bargain student palace.

The sun rising over Perth City #perth

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Aaaaah this is the life… But time really is ticking and you’ve got places to be, young Perthian! Whip out those sunnies and pick up that bag – don’t forget to lay on that sunscreen as you hit those slick-city streets.

Out on the road, it’s just another day in one of the world’s most liveable cities (the 8th most liveable, if you’re keen for a little precision), and you smile, with a wave, at your friendly Perth neighbours. They’re chatting, laughing, generally channelling chill – embodying everything you’ve come to love about this laid-back city.

Your tummy groans. The hunger pangs. Better get a move on to Perth’s CBD – more than 80 new restaurants have opened this past year alone and you’ve barely made a dent in the first dozen…

A restaurant for brekkie? Or maybe a quick dash to the Cathedral Square food market?

You’re running low on time – got to stop snoozing the alarm! Probably best to play it safe and grab something quick. You pick up some eggs and bacon from the food truck down the road.

Eat it – tastes good. Sooooo good!

Check the time – Yikes!

Wave down the bus as you search for your student discount card – 40 percent off, no questions asked. Ideal!

As yes! You were actually on the way to the CBD so you’re pretty central now, and that means you get to travel completely free of charge.

Smile at the driver, he kindly smiles back. The Perth morning buzz has got you on a high. You find yourself a seat as the driver steers towards campus.

Step 2: Study

You’ve been studying in Perth for some time now, and you still remain certain it’s the best decision you ever made. You’ve been working really hard to improve your English at a university you’ve been dreaming of attending your whole adult life – it’s what they like to call a ‘Foundation Program’ or a ‘University Pathway’; a couple of weeks left and you’ve got guaranteed admission. Then you’ll be a verified undergraduate, well on your way to that world-class degree.

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We welcome our latest international students to orientation. #murdoch #murdochuni

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Get to class – boss it. Your classmates can’t believe how far your studies have come.

Whether your fellow students are improving their English for a few weeks, completing vocational education or a full degree (undergraduate or even postgraduate), Perth has something for everyone when it comes to international study!

Outside – play ball. It’s hot and you looooooove the sun. Lie down on the grass and catch some rays – with Perth’s very own Kings Park spanning an area larger than Central Park in New York there’s plenty of space for you to stretch out.

“Want to go to the beach?”

Yes, great idea! But which beach do you choose? Do you want to catch the summer vibes at Cottesloe Beach? Ride the waves at Brighton Beach? Fire up the BBQ at City Beach?

You decide to meet friends for a swim at Floreat Beach – good choice – close to campus and the city centre – then maybe later head on up all the way to Trigg Beach (or perhaps even take a quick ferry ride out to Rottnest Island – how can you resist a #QuokkaSelfie!).

Step 3: Party

You take a deep breath as the sun goes down, soaking in this extraordinary moment with people you know will be lifelong friends. Spain, Canada, Brazil and Vietnam – you’ve discovered so many new cultures in a pretty short space of time. Perth is home to the most diverse student population in Australia, so you’ve been blessed to be able to live, study and work alongside people from all four corners of the globe.

The sun makes a final dip below the horizon and the city truly comes to life. You remember reading that Perth was once nominated by U.S. astronauts as the ‘City of Lights’, as when they looked down on our tiny planet, this was the city that seemed to shine the brightest.

You try to picture this view from an intergalactic height…

“Head into the City?”

Yes please.

“Where shall we go?”

Good question.

It’s summer and festival season is truly at its peak – you quickly check online to find out what’s cracking, whether it’s the Perth International Arts Festival, or maybe one of the many summer music events. The Fringe World Festival starts next week – your mates high-five, “It’s going to be ace!”

“But what about tonight?”

What about it? You’ve got the big city attractions with that informal tone, and each one of you knows how to make the most of what vibrant Perth has to offer.

Eat at a sophisticated restaurant; cocktails at a chic new bar; dance through to early morning at a colourful seaside club.

It’s nights like these that you really couldn’t find anywhere else in the world.

The lights fade – time to leave.

Outside the air is warm, the sky still clear and bright.

Last nights sunset

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Say bye to your friends – “Catch you guys tomorrow.”

You already can’t wait for the sun to rise on a brand-new day in Perth.


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