7 reasons to study at the University of Newcastle in Singapore


“Studying a University of Newcastle (UON) degree in Singapore was a thoroughly enriching experience… The strong support and mentoring from UON teaching and management staff put me in good stead when I entered the corporate world.” 



– Kaushik Bhanushali, MBA, University of Newcastle in Singapore


It’s been ten years since UON opened its regional branch in Singapore – a country that is championed as one of Asia’s elite education, research, technology and innovation hubs.

Established as a wholly-owned entity of the Australian university in 2006, UON Singapore has delivered a world-leading education throughout the past decade, expanding its full-time and part-time degrees to provide a vibrant higher education portfolio for a diverse international cohort. Despite its youth, UON Singapore boasts strong partnerships with both local and national industries, allowing it to present each student with access to a broad variety of professional networks that they will benefit from after they graduate.

As UON Singapore celebrates its tenth year as one of Singapore’s most esteemed providers of higher education, it’s a great time to reflect on what the university has contributed to Singapore’s regional sector. As if the sun, sea, culture and traditions – not to mention the irresistible charm of Singapore’s smiling locals – are not enough to draw you to this world-class university, located in one of the world’s Top 20 Student Cities, here are 7 great things UON Singapore has achieved since its 2006 inception:

1. It has fostered a diverse international community

With a global network of 3,700 graduates representing 37 different countries, the UON Singapore name has nurtured roots in all four corners of the globe. Students who live and learn among such an abundant blend of cultures leave enriched with a global perspective that knows no bounds in today’s interconnected society. This, paired with UON’s international competitiveness – ranked second in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report for 2014-15 – and its strategic location as a gateway to the rest of Asia, is part of what makes UON Singapore such a great place to study, and an even better place to kick-start a career.

2. UON Singapore has built a talented team of both academic and professional staff

UON Singapore’s experienced full-time staff refines the University’s international community and impart invaluable expertise.

The academic staff actively produces publications that cover a broad range of research topics. Their efforts have allowed for them to publish and present a variety of journal articles, books and book chapters, as well as a wealth of conference papers, bringing value to all students with their world-class knowledge and polished expertise.



For the last decade, UON Singapore is also backed by the leading team of professionals who have handled everything from finance and operations to service and marketing, and most importantly admissions, enrolments and graduation.

This diversity of staff and multi talents at UON Singapore provides a strong support as they constantly deliver the University’s values at physical and close proximity with students and stakeholders.

3. UON Singapore is a wholly-owned entity of the University of Newcastle, Australia

This means students can apply directly to the University degrees, eliminating the extra anxiety of having to enrol only at the Australia campuses. Applying for a degree is demanding enough as it is, let alone having to apply overseas or having to filter your documentation through a multinational chain of institutions. Not only does this make the application process streamlined and efficient, but it also means UON Singapore’s accomplished staffs have full control over their students and admissions. Being the international footprint of the University, UON Singapore continuously aims to be the first choice in students’ mind.

4. UON Singapore has become a pioneer in the field of global higher education

In 2002, UON Singapore established its Bachelor of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety, a flagship program developed in response to a demand for professionals in Singapore, and isn’t even currently available at UON’s Australia branch!



Not only this, but all courses are specifically designed with the needs of industry in mind. The Industry Advisory Committee, for example, comprises practising professionals from industry and government; these qualified individuals meet regularly with UON Singapore’s academic staff to review the university’s degrees and discuss improvements. This is done for the sole purpose of ensuring students receive the best possible academic experience.

Other degrees offered at UON Singapore are in the areas of business; commerce; communication; construction management; engineering; environmental,occupational health and safety; and information technology. Students also have the option to transfer to the Australia campuses at any point of their study term for a dual international experience.

5. The University boasts an outstanding system for student support

In Singapore, UON brings fantastic student support scheme that represents the university’s brand directly to its students. The university implements the unique Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS) and Duty Tutors Assistance Scheme (DTAS) to help bolster students’ academic achievements. If students need to brush up on their study skills, improve their essay writing, or just need help preparing for their next assignment, UON has plenty of support options to make sure they get the most from their studies. Students can make an appointment with UON Singapore’s Teaching and Learning Advisor for guidance any time during their study term.

6. UON Singapore provides a host of opportunities to develop invaluable skills in its students

With ten years’ experience of how to help graduates reach the top of the global employment ladder, UON Singapore does everything in its power to ensure graduates leave instilled with the soft skills sought by employers around the world. Take the Student Ambassador Programme, for example, a scheme that gives confident students the chance to work alongside the UON Singapore and its partners’ Marketing and Student Recruitment teams to share their university experiences with prospective students through a range of face-to-face and online community activities – something that looks truly glowing on any job-seeking graduate’s CV!



To top that off, students will have the opportunity to be a part of the committee of UON Singapore’s specific events, student chapters and clubs.

7. All graduates of UON Singapore become part of an extensive international alumni community

The UON Singapore alumni network is part of a broad and vibrant community of graduates, staff, students and friends who have all shared the University of Newcastle experience. With more than 125,000 UON graduates across 121 countries, this means students, staff and friends can stay connected in Singapore and across the globe.

In the midst of its tenth anniversary, UON Singapore can rest assured it has been ten years well spent. And here’s to many more!



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All images courtesy of UON Singapore.

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