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Located in Sacramento, known as the ‘Capital City’ of California, McGeorge School of Law is the city’s only ABA-accredited law institution to offer an outstanding legal education with an integrated experiential component. In an age of ongoing change, the industry calls for versatile legal problem-solvers, and this is where McGeorge School of Law comes in.

Through an innovative approach to law-based study, the School offers an education that is interdisciplinary, customized and constantly evolving. “As the legal profession rapidly changes, we are prepared to provide the education that students will need to flourish as attorneys,” says Francis J. Mootz III, Dean and Professor of Law at McGeorge.

It’s no surprise that due to their innovative approach to education, U.S. News & World Report has ranked McGeorge’s International Law program among the top programs in the country for the sixth year in a row. McGeorge has also been included on the Honor Roll for Best LL.M. programs in the 2016 International Jurist magazine, and is the only California school among the top 12 for Top Value.

The School provides a wide range of courses, covering comprehensive programs in traditional areas like business, constitutional law and criminal justice, to more specialized choices like environmental, entertainment, intellectual property and banking. For those with an interest in advocacy, international legal studies, public law and policy, various courses reward a certificate that prepares them for work in their respective fields.

More than 500 students pursue a JD, LL.M. or JSD program at McGeorge’s unique 13-acre, stand-alone graduate campus, fostering a warm and friendly community of students and faculty. Its remarkably inclusive and civil culture is one of many reasons why students decide to pursue a McGeorge legal education. “I chose McGeorge because of the great location in Sacramento and the campus environment is really welcoming,” says Brittany Johnson, a law student who currently works at the campus Elder and Health Law Clinic. “Everyone helps each other out and that really drew me to the school,” she explains.

Keen to find out more? Here are 6 reasons to study at McGeorge School of Law…

1. Learn at a School where the professors know your name

Most students go to university and never really get to know their professors due to sheer student numbers. But at McGeorge, the ratio of students to faculty are 12.2 to one, allowing you to personally meet with your professors and discuss your studies. The unique relationship between staff and students is one of the main reasons why Shelby Lundahl, a current law student, chose to study at the School. “In just one semester,” she says, “I have gotten to know my professors better than I knew any of my professors in undergraduate…Everyone always talked about the ‘McGeorge family’, but I didn’t realize until I started school how true that statement is.”

2. Learn from the best of the legal world

The reputed Faculty and Adjuncts at McGeorge enrich student lives with their far-reaching expertise. Here, students are offered the unique opportunity to learn from the legal world’s best – to travel to Salzburg and examine international law alongside Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, for example, a notable US Supreme Court Justice; or even the chance to learn from a disparate range of guest speakers and lecturers through the renowned International Jurist Series. You name it, McGeorge has it, and LL.M. students will be hard-pushed to find such impressive teaching credentials anywhere else on the globe.

“I love how available and supportive the professors are,” says Abigail Fofana, an LL.M. in US Law & Policy student from the class of 2018. “One of the things that I like about the program is that it is preparing you to live as a lawyer and to engage with the world by developing an analytical and a critical mind,” she adds. “The work is challenging, but it is good. I love it.”

As for Andrei Behdjet – now serving as Vice President and General Counsel of Downstream, Chemicals and Midstream Law at Chevron – the practical training provided was the deciding factor when selecting potential law schools based in Sacramento. “I wanted a legal education grounded in practical -not just theoretical – outlook,” notes the Law alumnus. “I really felt the curriculum took a practical and focused approach. Some of the clinic work we did helped us to become ‘good’ at being lawyers even before we finished law school,” he says.

3. Develop skills that are vital for success

McGeorge Law School

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Another major benefit of studying at McGeorge is that while students gain a legal education that boasts global relevance, they also take advantage of the institution’s distinct and respected US reputation. “I was living in San Diego when I heard that McGeorge School of Law is one of the best law schools in California,” says Mohammad Rahimi, a current LL.M. student of US Law & Policy. “I needed to study American law to be able to pass the bar exam to practice in the United States,” he explains.

“Through McGeorge, I expanded my legal knowledge, and during my last semester, I got an internship at California General Assembly,” adds the aspiring lawyer. “Now, it is an opportunity to expand my experience in California state law and politics, [as well as] gain lifetime experience in a dynamic and competitive field.”

4. It’s a close-knit, friendly community

For Theresa Pascua, an LL.M. in US Law & Policy student, the warm and inclusive community of like-minded, internationally-minded individuals were part of what made studying at this university seem like such an attractive option. “I get to be acquainted with students like me from other countries and get to know about their cultures, laws and values,” she explains. “I also love the fact that the professors are very helpful and are experts in their field.”

5. Join an extensive global network of alumni

Such a diverse and expansive student population of course creates a vibrant and extensive family of legally-minded graduates. What does this mean? It means graduates leave already having founded a qualified network of professionals placed on all four corners of the globe.

“Studying and being a student at McGeorge has opened my mind to learn[ing] about different cultures and values,” Mohammad explains. “McGeorge has established an amazing, diverse environment filled with qualified and talented students from around the world,” he adds.

6. The School is set in a convenient and sought-after location

McGeorge Law School

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On top of allowing students to familiarize themselves with the real-world workings of global law, this places students at the center of their respective profession, letting them take full advantage of what America has to offer from the moment they graduate.

The campus proximity to offices of state, federal and local agencies, as well as non-profits and advocacy firms, can greatly boost career prospects and open doors to a number of exciting opportunities.

For prospective students who are deciding on where to pursue their legal education, look no further than McGeorge School of Law; an institution that equips students with the knowledge and expertise that open a world of possibilities in the global law sector and beyond.

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