6 Business Schools that promote Leadership and Management

In the modern age of start-up companies and tech-savvy corporations, business leaders are often referred to as catalysts for change. With a driven and determined CEO or a team of innovators at the head of a company, there are likely to be long-lasting and successful results.

As businesses require direction, it’s essential that aspiring leaders learn from a multidimensional and diverse curriculum that provokes debate, discussion and most importantly, ideas. According to a recent article from Strategy+Business, innovation and leadership have always been closely linked. As the article explains, “A prime example of the prosperous connection is when Milwaukee inventor Warren Johnson developed the first electric thermostat in 1885. His ideas led to the development of Johnson Controls, a company that has gone on to have a steady track record of innovation.”

Of course, Warren Johnson is just one of many innovators to have utilized entrepreneurial expertise and made incredible changes to the business world. But there have been concerns about the generation of Millennials and Baby Boomers being able to fill high-profile leadership roles.

As the HR Technologist explains, there are growing concerns about a leadership gap in today’s generation. “A massive leadership swing shift is coming as Baby Boomers in high-level executive roles retire with too few Gen Xers to take their places. As a result, millennials will be tapped to fill this leadership gap. Millennials should be developed now as “emerging leaders” so they’re well prepared and motivated to handle higher-level responsibilities in the near future.”

With increasing pressure for the business management and innovation gap to be occupied, many business schools around the world are tapping into student potential. The sector demands skilled and inventive individuals who are ready to tackle complex challenges, so there’s no better time to pursue a degree in business and innovation.

To truly thrive as a business leader and transform your ideas into reality, education is the key. As Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric once said, “Before you become a leader, success is all about growing yourself. After you become a leader, success is about growing others.”

Here are 6 of the best business schools that promote leadership and management…


At the very center of business sits the Columbia Business School. Through core courses in management and innovation, students are taught to seize opportunities. This school encourages students to integrate their ideas and insights into their academic experience, so you’ll be carefully guided through the process of becoming an entrepreneur.

If you wish to sharpen your business skills and acquire a professional edge, there are plenty of programs to expand your knowledge and technique. From an MBA program that promises to make an impact, to a Doctoral degree that trains the next generation of innovative academics – Columbia has set the business bar impressively high.

For the social side of studies, the business school also has many different societies to join. For startup operators, there’s the Columbia Entrepreneurs Organization and for launching new ventures, there’s the Investment Management Association.


Situated in the quintessentially English city of Bath is the elite School of Management; an institute ready to make an impact and fill the 21st-century business leadership gap. And since the University of Bath ranks 4th in the THE Student Experience Survey 2018 for its excellent student experience, there are many applicants rushing to secure their place at the school.

By offering courses at undergraduate, postgraduate and post-experience level, there’s something for everyone at the Bath-based management school. Alongside studies, you’ll be granted the chance to make use of the school’s exclusive business connections. Linked to over 300 companies, the University of Bath has plenty of bespoke partnerships for you to take advantage of.

The School of Management also offers full-time and part-time Entrepreneurship courses. Regardless of your current level of study, the schemes aim to support and stimulate student’s entrepreneurial ventures.


At the Monte Ahuja College of Business (MACB) at Cleveland State University, students are the prime focus. Accredited by the AACSB, this business school is known to be one of the best in the world for its high standard of management education.

For business-minded undergraduates who wish to adopt contemporary innovation strategies, there’s a dynamic range of degrees on offer. The Monte Ahuja Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) introduces students to the traditional theories of business, yet encourages them to develop and create inventive concepts of their own. Plus, for postgraduate learners, there’s a diverse selection of applied business pathways to discover.

The Monte Ahuja College of Business is a multifunctional and resourceful learning environment for any aspiring go-getter. With a faculty full of academic professionals and a visiting committee of business leaders, many positive change initiatives take place at MACB. This school even has an engaging Executives in Residence program to promote real-world experiences and networking opportunities.


Are you someone who wants to be challenged at every moment? If yes, then the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College is the one for you! As the school’s Dean, Matthew J. Slaughter, highlights in his introductory video, “The world yearns for inspiring leaders, and our school aims to provide them.”

With the expertise and guidance of Matthew J. Slaughter, plus an established Board of Advisors, you have the chance to contribute to an extraordinary community through classroom discussions and personal innovation projects. As Tuck has a collaborative learning approach, your designs and ideas will receive constructive feedback and practical advice.

At Tuck School of Business, there are so many alternative academic programs to attend. From joint and dual degrees to experiential learning options, your future is set to thrive at this cutting-edge college.


At New York University (NYU), any type of innovation is possible. Once you join NYU’s Stern School of Business, you’ll become part of a vast international network of global entrepreneurs and self-starters. With a broad portfolio of academic programs, Stern ensures that students find a course that perfectly suits their skills.

To help international learners gain first-hand experience of global business practice, the school offers a range of study abroad opportunities. For instance, Finance student Papa Yaw Sencherey had the incredible chance to study at NYU Florence in Italy. As he explains, “Studying abroad often lends itself to personal growth, and this school has helped me to capitalize that.”

Additionally, students may also enroll on the NYU Stern International Business Exchange (IBEX) scheme. With 18 partner IBEX schools to choose from across the globe, you’ll get to explore the entrepreneurial culture of your chosen country.


Strathclyde Business School believes that productivity starts with people. With aims to build better workplaces across the world, the institution teaches students the basics of strategic orientation and global business practice.

With a distinguished Centre for Corporate Connections, learners are shaped into future managers and connected to illustrious companies like William Grant & Sons. What’s great about this centre is that learners have the chance to apply for the MBA25 programme. Launched in 2011, the modules cover important topics such as marketing management and the roles of entrepreneurship, business management and leadership.

The Strathclyde Business School also provides the classic routes of higher education, such as undergraduate degrees in innovation and postgraduate degrees in business management. Also, if you’re a postgraduate learner, its worth keeping an eye on the prestigious Strathclyde Scholarships that are up for grabs.

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