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5 Tips For A Great Job Interview

Are you preparing for an interview and dreaming of landing a job, but worrying about how to put your best foot forward? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Interviews can be stressful, and can challenge even the most seasoned professionals. But a little strategic preparation will help ensure you perform at your very best.

1.  Do your research

Take the time to analyze the job spec. You can anticipate a lot of interview questions if you review this carefully. Research the company, its competitors and the market you’re looking to work in. Look up any social accounts the company might have, and any recent news reports on the market itself.

Job Interview

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Spend time tapping into your network to see if you know someone who works there who can help give you that interview edge over the other candidates.

2.  Highlight your selling points

Why are you the best person for the job? What are your key attributes, experience or skills that made you believe you should apply? Be prepared to highlight these during your interview. After all, if you can’t identify them, how can a potential employer?

If you’re unsure, ask a former colleague, friend or tutor for their opinion on what you bring to the table. Often, we overlook our best qualities, or underestimate our own experience, so a third party’s opinion can really help you identify your strengths.

3.  Brush up on your skills

Good communication is the key to any successful interview. Prepare your answers to potential questions out loud. If you can ask a friend or mentor to help you prepare, this is a great strategy.

If not, practice in front of a mirror, or film yourself so you can watch your performance back, and fix anything you think needs work. Reflect on the value add you’re going to bring to the role, and believe it.

Being an active listener is important too, so don’t forget to listen carefully to what is being asked, and what you’re being told. After all, an interview is a two-way street, and while you obviously want the job, you need to use this time to confirm it’s the right fit for you too.

4.  Don’t forget body language

How we answer questions is hugely important, but verbal communication is not the only way you communicate during an interview. Your body language speaks to your confidence, enthusiasm and approachability. Slouching can translate as a lack of energy and confidence. So make sure you’re sitting up straight, and think about keeping your shoulders back rather than up – this could appear to be defensiveness.

Job Interview

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5.  Speak up

Prepare some smart questions that you can ask the interviewer at the end to demonstrate your knowledge of the role, company and your keen intent. It’s always good to keep at least two or three questions on hand.

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