Glenalmond College
Glenalmond College

“All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind.” – Martin H. Fischer

Boarding schools are known to provide an elite academic experience. While these institutions enjoy a high-quality reputation the world over, the ability to support a holistic, well-rounded and stimulating education culminates in success in the K12 realm. These institutions are known to produce versatile, universally-minded graduates who take charge in the modern world – and this is something that pays huge dividends throughout working life.

“We’ve already covered the importance of soft skills in the workplace – these incredibly integral feats are often overlooked in comparison to skills of the technical persuasion,” writes Lizzi Hart, Marketing Assistant at the Graduate Recruitment Bureau.

“But the thing is, employers want the full package,” she adds. “It might seem impossible, but if you can offer something close to well-rounded – yet still adept and qualified – you might just stand a chance against your competition.”

According to research from Rare, a UK recruitment company, pupils from select private and grammar schools are 100 times more likely to apply for the most distinguished graduate schemes than their state school peers. The same research reveals that roles at the most sought-after law firms, management consultancies, banks and FTSE 100 companies – which offer starting salaries of around £45,000 (US$59,000) – are generally ruled by applications from high-end private schools.

Holistic teaching strategies reinforce natural learning, inspiring a deep-held love of education that lasts throughout adult life. Core subjects such as literature, science and mathematics should never feel rigid and mundane, but instead ignite curiosity and creativity in the classroom and beyond. This is why the boarding school environment consistently gets results – because its adaptable curriculum can be tailored to the needs of the individual, while all children leave instilled with the expertise and acumen needed to succeed in competitive global markets.

The provision of a wholesome learning environment promises the platform students need to unleash their intellectual, physical and visionary potential. As a result of this approach, children leave confident in their abilities, powered by the vital communication and social skills needed to forge a successful career in almost any field.

In the best examples of this method, children are encouraged to let thinking extend to society at large; to envision their position in the fast-paced business sector, to feed their desire to travel the world or promote the pervasive value of creative passion through the arts. The benefits of this will be observed throughout your child’s life, seen through their knack for self-reflection, determination and self-worth.

Education doesn’t have to be dull – it should be a rich, experiential venture of expression and discovery. It is inquiry-driven, integrated and multidisciplinary, and must consider the diverse aspects of child development at every learning stage. This is the promise of the boarding education – a foundation that helps students thrive.

Here are 5 Schools in the US and UK that offer a well-rounded boarding education…


This seven-day week boarding school keeps students engrossed and inspired, with 80 percent of students residing as full boarders. The majority of teaching staff also live on campus, nurturing a strong and culturally-rich community that helps learning reach new heights.

Set on rural 300-acre grounds, the school’s Perthshire location presents the best of student life. With the Scottish Highlands nearby, Glenalmond boasts a backdrop rife with interest and adventure. But by no means are students cut off from the perks of urban life, with its position sitting just eight miles from the city of Perth and one hour from major city hubs Edinburgh and Glasgow.

On top of this, the college boasts outstanding academic, creative and sporting facilities, meaning students do not have to set foot off campus to learn and grow.

Glenalmond is a school in which excellence is a constant pursuit, with every child being urged to fulfil their academic capabilities. This is an education that reaches far beyond classroom walls, honing personality, character and intellect to produce insightful, global citizens. Glenalmond’s dedication to its students is reflected in results, with half its annual school leavers going on to forge successful futures at Oxford, Cambridge and other Russell Group universities.


Established in 1797, Deerfield Academy holds a lengthy heritage of merit and prestige. This elite, independent, co-educational boarding and day school is positioned in Western Massachusetts, pledging a unique learning environment fit for collaboration and progression.

Equipped with 90 acres of green space, 21 tennis courts, a hockey rink, two gymnasiums, three basketball courts, ten international squash courts, a fitness center, eight-lane pool and separate diving well, plus an eight-lane track and two synthetic turf fields, Deerfield students are never short of things to do without even having to leave the school site.

“We offer small, discussion-based courses in a wide range of academic disciplines,” the institution notes.

“Our faculty has designed a variety of interdepartmental courses, team-taught by two or more faculty members, to enable students to create new and innovative interdisciplinary skill sets. Individual research, off-campus study opportunities, advanced Alternate Study electives and 19 AP courses provide students with exceptional academic opportunity.”


This independent day and boarding school, located in Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, welcomes girls from the age of three up to 18 years. Believing there should be no limitations to a young girl’s education, pupils are taught to naturally assume all future options are open to them. The school understands how girls best learn and provides the emotional support they need in order to excel.

Here, girls benefit from a broad and innovative programme with a strong emphasis on developing enquiring minds. The curriculum extends to a wide variety of activities, societies, sporting fixtures and trips that become integral to shaping the students of Badminton.

The nearby Durdham Downs provide 220 acres of grassland that is popular for sports, picnics and outdoor events with the wider public, while presenting Badminton students with a leafy, green environment that can be used in those much-needed breaks from the books.

While the school is located in the city, it is enclosed with a stone wall, ensuring both safety and security but also ready access to the vibrant city of Bristol in England’s South West. Badminton is home to around 450 pupils and the small community feel is considered paramount to the happiness and welfare of the girls.


Georgetown Prep’s liberal arts curriculum is both rigorous and bold. The school offers 24 Advanced Placement courses with every student taking part in an average of four, and more than 80 percent receiving valuable college credit. A breadth and depth of electives introduces many students to new subject fields, while others are encouraged to pursue long-held passions.

“Our students consistently interact in big-hearted ways with each other, our faculty and people whom they serve. The young men of Prep are a consistent source of inspiration and consolation. This is a tribute to their parents, our faculty and the vibrant mission of our great Catholic and Jesuit school,” says Scott R. Pilarz, President of the School.

“Their passion for their alma mater is contagious. Whether they live as close as Bethesda or as far away as Hong Kong, Prep has a very special hold on their affections. The sixteenth-century Jesuit poet, St. Robert Southwell, S.J., writes, ‘Not where I breathe, but where I love, I live.’ A big part of every alumnus whom I’ve met will always live on our campus.”


This independent boarding school educates 690 boys aged 13 to 18. It is set upon a grand 800-acre estate near Oxford – one of the UK’s most historic cities – meaning students here experience quintessential British life while experiencing education in its most elite form.

Here, learning is enhanced by first-class teaching facilities. Since 1996, virtually every one of the college’s departments has been relocated to spacious buildings that are conducive to knowledge acquisition. The library at the heart of the school has proved a popular and stimulating resource, while the campus-wide wireless network links Departments, Socials and Dons.

“A Radley education is about independent thought and learning with enthusiasm. It is about cultural awareness and the benefits of team sport,” says John Moule, Warden of the school.

“It is about academic ambition. It is about learning to live with others; it is about preparation for the world beyond its gates. Above all, it is about the core values that will underpin success in all its forms throughout a Radleian’s life: as leaders, as citizens, as human beings.”

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