5 reasons why WashULaw is the right fit for you

Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) is the perfect combination of a world-class education and a student-centered learning experience.

Located in the center of the United States, St. Louis, Missouri has a rich history as a ‘gateway’ for the western expansion of the US, and the location where ‘East met West’. WUSTL is in the heart of the St. Louis metropolitan area and has developed a similar reputation as home to scholars, students, and visitors from all over the globe.  Both WUSTL  and Washington University School of Law are consistently ranked among the Top 20 universities and Top 20 law schools in the US .

For aspiring young lawyers eager to develop their knowledge and expertise, WashULaw offers the perfect environment. It boasts a wide array of legal centers and institutes held in high regard, including the Whitney R. Harris World Law Institute and the Centre on Law, Innovation & Economic Growth, as well as hosting frequent campus visitors from diverse disciplines and viewpoints.  Here, students are able to explore the legal system and policies of the US before analyzing from a global perspective.

But that’s really just the start…

Here are five reasons why WashULaw is the right fit for you:

  1. Top-ranked programs in Law

Ranked 18th in the US by the US News and World Report’s Best Law School rankings, WashULaw has earned its place among the nation’s best. First and foremost, the legal education at WashULaw is second to none. Students here learn from some of the field’s most experienced scholars and legal practitioners, enjoying a flexible curriculum they can tailor to their needs.

The school provides a wide range of courses in substantive law and applied lawyering expertise, giving students the knowledge needed to master legal reasoning and practice their technique.

The academic programs at WashULaw allow for subject-focused study in globally-relevant subjects like Bankruptcy, Commercial and Consumer LawInternational and Comparative Law, Corporate and Business Law, and Intellectual Property and Technology Law.

“Not only will a student here experience great instruction in the classroom by world-class faculty who are extremely knowledgeable,” says Mike Koby, Associate Dean for International and Graduate programs at WashULaw, “but outside the classroom they will have experiences that will help them develop as lawyers here.”

  1. Unique opportunities outside the classroom

From practice-focused programs to unrivalled practical activities, WashULaw presents an extracurricular catalog that promotes various professional opportunities.

Judicial Experiential Learning Program – presents international students with a ‘bird’s-eye-view’ of the courts, on top of allowing them to meet and work alongside real-world working judges. Held in the spring every year, students explore the trial courts in two districts of St. Louis.

Lawyering Skills Competitions – from the Client Interviewing and Counselling Competition, to the Motions Practice Competition; the Trial Advocacy Competition, and the Jessup International Moot Court Competition, these intra and inter-school events allow students to practice the craft, learn from their peers, and grow from challenges and successes.

Attorney Advisory Program – matches participants with a practicing professional, encouraging them to forge an invaluable connection with someone at the core of the industry.

Washington University Global Studies Law Review International Advisory Board – students may apply to join an advisory board for the global studies journal, allowing them to enhance their research and writing skills while contributing to the journal’s scholarly work.

  1. Study at a world-class research university…

This is a school that makes its home in a leading-edge, global institution. WUSTL is internationally-renowned for its rich contribution to teaching, research, and service to society. WUSTL ranks number 5 in The Princeton Review’s league table for the Best-Run Colleges in 2017, as well as number 10 in the Top 25 Schools for Entrepreneurs, and number 12 for Best Quality of Life (to name just a few of its accolades), highlighting a university-wide reputation for quality and prestige. Plus, WashULaw is located on the university’s main campus, so students can really make the most of its outstanding lifestyle and amenities.

  1. English Advantage Summer Language Program…

 For those looking to improve their English proficiency alongside their legal skills, WUSTL offers the LLM English Advantage Summer Language Program. Here, students undergo English language training for academic and professional communication throughout the summer prior to starting the LLM program. Students have 20-hours of scheduled classroom sessions a week plus planned meetings with advisors. You will also get the chance to take part in local off-campus trips specifically-designed to build your understanding of US culture as you ease into St. Louis life.

  1. Join an exceptional student community…

As soon as you set foot in this open, park-like  campus, you become part of a like-minded community, with a warm learning culture and a lasting drive to succeed. Life here is diverse, inclusive and action-fuelled, where student-run organizations offer opportunities to learn and create friendships.  St. Louis offers affordable restaurants, beautiful parks, sports, and cultural events and most are accessible by public transit directly from the campus.

These five factors – and so many more – combine to make the WashULaw education among the best in the US. So, if you hope to turn your legal ambition into professional success, you would be hard-pushed to find a better place to enroll. 

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