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It’s no longer enough for lawyers to only be knowledgeable of their own country’s complex legal systems. As The Guardian reports, aspiring lawyers should be aware that we live in an increasingly globalized society, with technology and the internet creating a hyper connected world.

Lawyers regularly deal with attorneys and clients from all over the world, making a transnational perspective an invaluable and sought-after trait. Clients are impacted by issues and conflicts across the world; and it is imperative for  lawyers to be readily-equipped with comprehensive knowledge of law in more than one global region.

Washington University School of Law (WashULaw) appreciates the importance of a multi-faceted perspective and equips all students with a first-rate education, including a global perspective. WashULaw students gain an exceptional education in US law, as well as the skills to needed practice in a dynamic and connected international law environment.

The School provides a wide range of courses in substantive law and applied lawyering skills, giving students the training needed to master legal reasoning and practice their techniques. For lawyers and professionals trained outside the United States, WashULaw offers curricular pathways leading to a Juris Doctor qualification, an Advanced Law Degree (LLM), or a non-lawyer professional master’s degree (MLS).

Source: WashULaw

All students are granted the flexibility to select from a curriculum that includes these disciplines: Bankruptcy, Commercial and Consumer LawClinical Education ProgramCorporate and Business LawEmployment and Labor LawIntellectual Property and Technology LawInternational and Comparative LawLegal Practice and Legal ResearchNegotiation and Dispute ResolutionTaxation and Trial and Advocacy Program.

For those with a first-degree in law from outside of the US, WashULaw offers several graduate programs in US law (LLM). Here, students can pursue a broad-based curriculum or otherwise choose to specialize in a particular field. For those intending to further specialize, there is the option to choose from the following LLM Programs: LLM (Custom)LLM in Intellectual PropertyLLM with a Concentration in Negotiation and Dispute ResolutionLLM in US Law for Foreign LawyersJuris Scientiae Doctoris (JSD) Program and LLM (Two-Year Program for Foreign Lawyers).

Non-lawyer professionals may earn a Master in Legal Studies degree focused on a particular area of choice. If you’re unable to physically attend class due to existing work or family commitments, the School also offers several graduate law programs delivered online, catering for the needs of the busy working professional.

At Washington University Law, students don’t only receive a comprehensive education from leading experts and academics, they also have the chance to explore the law outside of the classroom setting. The institution’s Judicial Experiential Learning Programs, for example, grant international students a bird’s eye view of the courts, as well as offer the chance to meet and work alongside real-world working judges.

Source: WashULaw

This program is among the few to allow students to truly immerse themselves in the US justice system, aside from learning through reading and classroom-based discussions. “While we had all heard about judicial proceedings, the program allowed us to go to the courts and actually see and experience them,” says Christope Fafet, a recent LLM graduate.

To ensure students gain a better understanding of their work and their respective professional field, the Faculty assigns an ‘attorney advisor’ at the start of the fall semester as part of the reputed Attorney Advisor Program. Here, each student has the chance to meet with their local practitioner several times throughout the year, allowing them to develop the skills needed to become excellent law practitioners.

The School is known to prepare students for practice in the global legal environment through skills competitions that are held throughout the study year. Among the competitions offered are Client Interviewing and Counseling, Motions Practice, Trial Advocacy and Jessup International Moot Court. The first three competitions are intra-school, specifically-designed for international School participants, while the Jessup is an inter-school tournament that requires students to compete for limited spots on a team. These competitions are an excellent way for students to put their professional skills to test, all while gaining new experiences and friends along the way.

Source: WashULaw

As for those looking to improve their English proficiency alongside their lawyering skills, the university offers an LLM English Advantage Summer Language Program. Here, students undergo English language training for academic and professional communication through a scheduled 20-hours a week. Plus, they’ll get to attend local off-campus trips that are designed to build their understanding of US culture, and gently introduce students to the warm community of St. Louis.

And if you’re thinking of more ways to boost your portfolio, join the advisory board for the Washington University Global Studies Law Review, a student-edited legal journal dedicated to publishing superior works by renowned international, foreign and comparative law scholars. Through this unique initiative, students who are a part of the International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) get to enhance their research and writing skills while contributing to the journal.

It’s not often you find a law school like WashULaw, going above and beyond its call of duty to ensure students really get the most out of their legal education. From well-rounded programs to hands-on learning that goes beyond the classroom setting, WashULaw provides a first-class degree that opens the door to global opportunities.

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