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5 reasons to choose Blekinge Institute of Technology’s Master’s Programme in Industrial Economics and Management (MIEM)

Seyedmohsen Forouzmand already held an industrial engineering degree but was seeking to advance his career. It led him to pursue a Master’s Programme in Industrial Economics and Management (MIEM) at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH).

The two-year master’s programme is ideal for those with an engineering or technical science background to navigate a fast-changing industrial economics and management environment. For Forouzmand, it was a smooth transition from his previous degree to the MIEM. “This programme has a lot of common courses. For example, mathematical and theoretical management studies [were] very suitable for me,” he shares.

Blekinge Institute of Technology

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That’s not the only reason why students like Mohsen chose the MIEM. Here’s more:

Learn from the best

Teaching staff with a background in industrial economics, business, or management help prepare students to become in-demand professionals. Take Mojtaba Hosseini, for example. Upon finishing his PhD, he worked at Linköping University before focusing on his start-up.

Today, he is one of the lecturers in the MIEM programme incorporating their real-world experiences into the classroom – something students like Kakwano Rodney appreciates. “Teachers are so interesting. They bring real-world examples to us. We analyse and understand much better,” he says.

Customise your academic journey

No two aspirations are the same, which is why BTH MIEM’s four-semester curriculum is flexible to fit the unique goals of each student. It covers current topics and problems in various fields and developments plaguing the business world, such as globalisation, digitalisation, investment analysis, and econometrics.

Two specialised tracks — “Competition, Production, and Financial Analysis” and “Marketing Analysis, Entrepreneurship and Strategy” – build on this foundation.

Blekinge Institute of Technology

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

The result? An exciting syllabus that gives students the best of both worlds. “I have more of a mix of classes, which I like,” says student Lara Wirges from Germany. “Now, I have a mix of classes where we’ll do statistics on one side and talk about globalisation on the other.”

Stay ahead of market trends

At BTH, classes take various forms. “In my part, I mostly focus on practical issues – reading, writing, and applying. So, we learn the theory, and then you conceptualise and develop, and we apply,” shares Shahiduzzaman Quoreshi, an associate professor teaching economic analysis of markets, firms and industries, statistics and econometrics, and applied investment analysis.

Lecturers also update themselves on the latest economic and business trends so that the course remains relevant. They regularly follow up on the newest developments in finance, production economics, entrepreneurship, and more.

“On the courses that I design, I always try to update and upgrade them,” Hosseini shares. “I always try to use very recent articles and books. For example, the book for one of the courses that I actually propose to students is from 2021, and all the papers are between 2017 to 2022. Because when we are talking about innovation and entrepreneurship, we need to study from the perspective of current literature, because it has changed a lot.”

An unrivalled location

Anything is possible at BTH, which houses an international environment and an open atmosphere to build your own network. Picture mingling with a tight-knit community of 600 international students.

Blekinge Institute of Technology

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

You’ll learn at Campus Karlskrona in southern Sweden. The main campus is nestled at the centre of Blue Science Park, a business network within the IT and telecommunications industry – a stellar example of how BTH encourages educators and researchers to collaborate.

Karlskrona – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – is home to magnificent churches, grand squares, parade streets and forts for students to unwind after a hectic day as well.

Campus life is just as vibrant. “I really enjoy it. It’s very well organised.” Wirges says. “They put a lot of effort into organising events, and I went to some of them in the student pub where economic and engineering students meet. That was really nice.”

Success guaranteed

Whether you’re looking to advance your existing career in business or build one from the ground up, the MIEM can help you build a strong foundation.

Graduates from the programme can find themselves starting their careers in different fields. Some industries include manufacturing, construction, managerial positions within private firms, and working in the public sector.

“Whatever they choose to do, MIEM graduates can deliver meaningful algorithms and capabilities to treat new data within the firm,” says Philippe Rouchy, a senior lecturer teaching entrepreneurship and strategy. “They can expand their existing skills to aim for more senior and managerial positions in the private and public sectors.”

So, what are you waiting for? Your journey to thrive in the business world is just an application away. Click here to get started.

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