5 reasons to study at the Kogod School of Business
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5 reasons to study at the Kogod School of Business

“When I reflect upon my time at Kogod, I instantly think about the incredible professors I had; the dream job that became real; and the network I built.” – Gian-Manuel Alvarez Rivera, MSA ‘16

The US academic sector has earned a firm position among the world’s education elite. Figures from the Institute of International Education (IIE) reveal that in 2015-16, a total 200,312 international students enrolled in a US institution to study business and management, with 19.2 percent  pursuing a business-focused course.

These students  entered a market that’s both saturated and vying. Such high levels of competition mean they must keep a defining ‘secret weapon’ safely hidden in their back pockets, ready to unleash on employers to demonstrate their edge.

The American University’s Kogod School of Business is committed to helping students rise above graduate competition. Offering a transformative education firmly grounded in experiential learning, Kogod promises to develop the real-world talent necessary to advance one’s business expertise.

Here are 5 reasons to study at the Kogod School of Business:

  1. Receive a practice-driven education

The Kogod School grants students a platform to bridge theory into practical knowledge.

The school bolsters its “learning by doing” approach by interweaving an abundance of hands-on projects, intensive fieldwork placements and internships throughout its many world-class degrees. This distinct and rewarding approach evidently pays off, with one in five  internship placements resulting in full-time jobs.

Opportunities to pursue a summer placement also give students a taste of the real business world, granting the chance to work alongside some of the nation’s top public agencies, as well as private corporations and non-profits.

  1. Pursue the renowned Kogod Full-time MBA

The school’s reputed Full-time MBA program perfectly embodies the campus-wide experiential learning mantra. This first-rate degree puts students face-to-face with some of Washington’s most esteemed corporate leaders, allowing them to pursue real-world client projects, attend company site visits and take part in networking events

“Having studied at Kogod for a year, I now know how to analyze problems, come up with solutions, and make recommendations that could actually be applied to real world situations,” says Sindhu Sugumar, an MBA student.

“Ultimately, you want to practice what you are learning. Kogod provides projects where you apply theory directly to practice.”

The FTMBA’s Global Consulting practicum is the pinnacle of the program. Students work with an international client to solve a problem integral to their company’s operation. The project culminates in a two-week site visit to the client’s  home country. Previous participants have ventured to places like China, Colombia and India.

  1. Pursue one of the school’s notable seven specialized Master of Science degrees

From the Master of Science (MS) in Marketing to the MS in Finance, the MS in Analytics, Sustainability Management, Real Estate, Accounting, and Taxation; the Kogod Master of Science catalog is both broad and comprehensive.

All courses adopt the experiential focus that has now become synonymous withKogod. Students leave with an invaluable head start above their competition.

Outstanding career development

The Kogod Center for Career Development (KCCD) dedicates itself to the fulfilment of both student and employer goals.

“Employers are connected with talented candidates that meet their targeted business goals, and also work with the KCCD on industry-specific events focused on the specialized areas of consulting, marketing, information technology, accounting, finance, and more,” the KCCD staff notes.

“Site visits, arranged by the KCCD, allow employer hosts to share their experiences with engaged students in a real-world setting.”

As an institute intent on helping participants forge their own path to a successful, long-term future, the Center works around-the-clock to connect students with top employers.

  1. The school is located in Washington, DC,the hub of the nation’s business world

“The Kogod experience underscores the huge advantages of our physical location in the nation’s capital,” says David Bartlett, Director of Kogod’s Full-time MBA program.

“DC provides unsurpassed opportunities for personal and professional networking, as well as ready access to world-class authorities and subject matter experts.”

“This is a really wonderful community,” Wendy Attaya Boland, Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, concludes. “[It] offers a comfortable environment for learning, with faculty and staff who students know are committed to helping them learn, grow and achieve their career goals.”

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