5 of the best countries to explore on a student budget
Being a student should be no impediment to travelling abroad. Source: Steven Lewis/Unsplash

Studying anywhere can be expensive, and those of us who are at university don’t always have the financial means to go on holiday like those who hold down a full-time job.

Nevertheless, with longer holidays than most others and the opportunity to work on the side, studying should be no impediment to travelling abroad. Why should rich people have all the fun?

Here are five of the best places in the world to visit if you’re counting pennies.


Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument on the planet. Source: Olena Tur/Shutterstock

Home to beautiful beaches, friendly locals and ancient Buddhist holy site Angkor Wat, sleepy Cambodia is a budget traveller’s dream.

From the beaches of Sihanoukville to Buddhist monuments and historical remnants of Cambodia’s grim past, this Southeast Asian nation of just 14,000,000 has something for everyone. Sadly it remains a very poor country, so all of your tourist dollars will be a welcome boost to the local economy.


Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe with the Mexico City skyline in the background. Source: Shutterstock

A huge North American nation with natural diversity and culture to boot, Mexico is one of the most popular tourist destinations on earth. It’s Caribbean beaches, Aztec ruins and iconic food attract millions every year.

But this is a vacation that won’t break the bank. According to the budget travel blog Expert Vagabond, backpackers can see Mexico for as little as US$30-40 per day.


The mighty Parthenon and Herodium on Acropolis Hill in Athens, Greece. Source: Nick Pavlakis/Shutterstock

The birthplace of democracy and steeped in history, Greece boasts world-class archaeological sites in addition to stunning islands.

Eating and drinking like a Greek will keep things inexpensive, while cheap overland travel with its national rail service will get you from A to B. As the nation struggles to recover from the Global Financial Crisis, Greece is affordable and badly needs your tourist euros.


Thrifty travellers can get around in India for just $20 per day. Source: Elle/Unsplash

As the destination of choice for intrepid travellers, India has it all; from tropical beaches to the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas. And this is a nation that consumes very little meat, making it a veritable food mecca for vegetarians and Muslims alike.

By eating local, staying local and using local transport, travel blogger Hippie in Heels reckons you can do India on just US$20 a day.


Floating markets are staple visit for any backpacker in Vietnam. Source: Harvey Enrile/Unsplash

World famous for its fresh cuisine and fascinating history, Vietnam sees literally millions of visitors each year. According to the Vietnamese government, 1,161,114 people arrived in this Southeast Asian travel hotspot during May 2018 alone.

Being so well established for tourists, there are a raft of fabulous backpacker and budget options available for accommodation, transport and eats across the country. You can easily chow down on Viet street food favourites like banh mi or pho (beef noodle soup) for just a couple of dollars.

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