Where to study abroad if you’ve caught the travel bug

Want to follow your wanderlust? These countries are perfect! Source: Bambi Corro/Unsplash.

If you’re desperate to get your sea boots (or plane socks) on and study abroad, chances are you’ve already got a touch of wanderlust.

You want adventure, new exciting discoveries and to see more of the world on the cheap – after all, that surely played some part in your desire to study abroad.

We’ve compiled a list of seven countries you should consider studying in if you want to see as much of the world as you can while you study.


Few countries are as well connected as Germany. Hop on a train and you can get to a long list of European towns and cities.

Berlin to Prague, Munich to Budapest, Frankfurt to Amsterdam; wherever you choose to live in Germany, and wherever you want to go in Europe, chances are you can get there for about €30 (US$35).

Source: Shutterstock

Rail travel not your thing? Germany has many large airports, most of which have high-speed intercity transfer trains (okay, we know you’re not keen on trains but they’ll get you there super fast – we promise) to deliver you straight to your destination.

You can jet off at ease to anywhere in Europe within a few short hours (or even minutes if you’re heading to many of Germany’s neighbouring countries).

Hong Kong

You want big city, bright lights and easy access to China and the rest of Asia? Hong Kong is calling your name.

Travel and Leisure even voted Hong Kong the number one country in the world for transport links, with its ground and port transport being the best in the world and its air transport fifth-best.

Source: Mark Goh/Unsplash

Next stop: China, Thailand, Vietnam, Taipei, the Philippines, Indonesia…well, you get the picture. Asia is your oyster!

The UK

Fancy immersing yourself in British culture while having the opportunity to explore the unique identities of its four countries?

Eat haggis and sip on smokey whiskey in Scotland; walk through rolling mountains and visit crumbling castles in Wales; visit museums and dance into the daylight in England’s cities and lose yourself in its medieval towns; learn to drink like the Irish in Northern Ireland and explore its intricate history.

All this and you won’t even have to leave the UK!

York, England. Source: Shutterstock

Want to get out of the UK? You have the Republic of Ireland, France, and the Netherlands under an hour away by plane. Not to mention the rest of Europe not that much further afield!


Singapore came in at number two in Travel and Leisure’s rankings. It has fantastic transport links on land, sea and in the air.

The country was rated best in the world for the quality of its air transport infrastructure.

Source: Andi Rizal/Unsplash

You’re a stone’s throw away from Malaysia and not too far from Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Get out there and explore Asia!


While it might be a little further away from neighbouring countries, Australia is a great option if you want something a little different.

The country itself is hugely varied with metropolis cities, beautiful beaches and red deserts. If you want variation, Australia’s your gal (or guy – we’re not really sure on the gender of Oz).

Source: Alex Wong/Unsplash

You have New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea in relatively close range – depending on where you choose to live in Australia, plus most of Asia isn’t too far away.

Australia itself has so much to offer, so you might want to spend all your time exploring the joys of your university country!


Nestled between France, the Netherlands, Germany and the North Sea (with the UK just the other side of it), Belgium is often called the heart of Europe.

Like Germany, you are well connected by rail to most of Europe but you can also hop on a ferry across to the UK in no time!

Source: Héctor Martínez/Unsplash

Alternatively, catch a plane from one of Belgium’s airports (you’ll be able to get there by the country’s excellent public transport system) and enjoy your travels around the numerous beautiful countries Europe has to offer.

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