5 leading UK business schools
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“Individuals, too, who cultivate a variety of skills seem brighter, more energetic and more adaptable than those who know how to do one thing only.” – Robert Shea

In today’s competitive graduate market, students must do more than produce excellent results to impress hiring recruiters. Many students understand that when the job search heat is on, having prior industry experience can greatly boost their chances of securing a second interview.

But in order to really impress potential future employers, you need to show them that you’re the right candidate for the job by showing off your skills. According to a Bloomberg report, most recruiters tend to look for good communication skills, analytical and strategic thinking capabilities, leadership and decision-making expertise, and creative problem solving abilities within prospective hires. To boost your chances of finding meaningful employment, it’s important to develop these proficiencies whilst attending university, but not all courses allow students to develop these skills as many fields focus on technical proficiency that may not always be transferable.

So, for prospective university applicants with an enrepreneurial zest and a keen eye for modern business, a specialised degree in the field will instil the expertise you need. Here, pupils don’t just learn the technical aspects of the subject, but also the valuable ‘soft skills’ recruiters describe as sought-after but hard to find.

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So, if you want to immerse yourself in the world of business and management, here are 5 leading UK business schools that offer excellent qualifications and graduate opportunities.


Sussex’s is developing tomorrow’s business leaders to make an impact on policy, practice and people.  You’ll learn from leading global academics, industry experts and business professionals. With outstanding facilities, a safe campus location and a diverse community of staff and students, there are plenty of reasons to make Sussex your higher education choice.

The School offers a range of Masters and graduates go on to shape global issues in business, management and society.  For a career in Finance you can study Banking & Finance and International Accounting & Corporate Governance, or specialise in Financial Risk & Investment Analysis.

Sussex’s management Masters provide the skills and experience highly valued by employers, preparing you for careers in Global Supply Chain & Logistics, as well as Human Resources and Marketing.

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Expand your career options by specialising in International Management,  Marketing with Consumer Psychology and Project Management.  If you are looking to start your own business, or be more entrepreneurial within your own organisation, the School offers courses in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Strategic Innovation Management.

The School also offers the Sussex MBA, for experienced managers who wish to take the next step in their career to becoming business leaders.


Focused on education, research and external engagement, KCL’s School of Management and Business offers a comprehensive education that is set to develop purposeful and principled leaders. One of the School’s distinctive strengths is its undergraduate programmes, with degrees in Business Management, Economics and Management and International Management.

Students are offered a broad and balanced education that provides a strong foundation and the opportunity to specialise later on. The School’s Master programmes include a general MSc International Management, as well as a growing range of specialist programmes in areas like Accounting and Financial Management, Banking and Finance, Human Resources Management and Public Services Management.

Across all programmes, the School offers a diverse and relevant curriculum combined with a rich student experience. With strong links to the business industry and ample entrepreneurial, business and economic societies, students have plenty of opportunities to build a professional network and enhance their chances of finding employment. The School also boasts an excellent alumni community that contributes to the mentoring scheme and gives students insights into the business world.


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As a leading UK business school, Exeter prides itself on its ability to provide cutting-edge, forward-looking programmes developed alongside leading corporate partners. Ranked in the top 10 for every subject taught, students have the chance to learn from some of the world’s most respected academics.

The School offers undergraduate degrees in Accounting, Business, Economics, Finance, Management and Marketing. And to further enhance your future prospects, you can spend your third year gaining industrial experience or studying abroad, or maybe even both. With the industrial experience programme, you’ll get the chance to practice what you’ve learnt and could even gain a permanent position.

Exeter Business School also offers Masters programmes in Accounting, Business, Economics, Finance, Hospitality, HR, Management, Marketing and Tourism, all of which are relevant, rigorous and challenging. With innovative programmes and research-led lecturers and tutorials, it’s no wonder that almost 90 percent of students go into employment or further study within six months of graduation.


Consistently producing business-ready graduates, this triple-crown accredited School provides academically rigorous and highly crafted programmes for undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students. The School’s teaching and research covers six main subject areas, including accounting and finance, entrepreneurship and innovation, management science and business economics, marketing, organisational studies and strategy and international business.

Here, pupils have the option of pursuing a general or specialised undergraduate degree that reflects the global dynamic climate of business and management. If you’re aiming to sharpen your skills, there’s also world-class Masters programmes that will help you reach your goals. Split into four main areas, students can venture into either Data and Analytics, Finance, Management or Marketing.

The School also hosts the Edinburgh MBA, giving students focus on a range of core business, management and leadership disciplines to build their capacity for incisive analysis, innovation and strategic leadership. Students here also enjoy state-of-the-art facilities from multiple syndicate rooms, to the café and the hub, all of which provide comprehensive study facilities and access to research databases.

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Seeking to be recognised as a leading global education provider, the Lancaster University Management School offers a research-led and student-focused education that makes a measurable impact on its students and society.

The School provides undergraduate programmes in Accounting and Finance, Business Analytics and Consultancy, Business Studies, Economics, Entrepreneurship, International Business Management (BBA), Management (BBA), Management and Human Resources, Management Studies and European Languages, Marketing and Advertising, Management and Information Technology and Management, Politics and International Relations.

What makes the School’s so unique is its flexible structure, permitting students to switch the focus of their programme as their interest evolves and career opportunities develop. Understanding how tough the job market can be, the School ensures students leave already highly employable by encouraging students to pursue paid managerial employment as part of their degree.

Close relationships with industry employers helps students find placements within various sectors. Besides offering a wide range of degrees, the School boasts executive education options for those who looking to develop the relevant skills, knowledge and perspectives needed to lead a responsible and sustainable business.

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