How specialist Science, Technology and Innovation Policy programmes are meeting global demand

How specialist Science, Technology and Innovation Policy programmes are meeting global demand
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“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”Steve Jobs

From extending the horizons of human understanding, to expanding national productivity, to bolstering social prosperity and societal wellbeing; science, technology and innovation policies help shape the modern world. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) cite science, technology and innovation as critical elements for sustainable growth, leading to increasingly high demand for graduates of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Master courses.

With a community of over 140 MSc and doctoral students from all over the world, the Sussex’s Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) is known for its high quality and research-led teaching. The unique interdisciplinary nature of SPRU’s research and teaching means that students have access to an extensive range of expertise, whilst also contributing directly to SPRU research as part of their training and development. SPRU also undertakes high-impact engagement with decision makers across government, business and civil society.

Image courtesy of the University of Sussex

SPRU is highly recognised for its leading-edge research: “Our research addresses pressing global policy agendas, including the future of industrial policy, inclusive economic growth, the politics of scientific expertise, energy policy, security issues, entrepreneurship, and pathways to a more sustainable future.”

The Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) is based within the School of Business, Management and Economics at the University of Sussex, a highly ranked research-intensive institution in the UK.  SPRU’s extensive international network of policymakers, business representatives, academics and alumni are important contributors to SPRU’s continuing reputation.

Career opportunities

SPRU graduates enjoy successful careers in government, academia, international, regional and civil society organisations and businesses all over the world. At SPRU, students develop in-depth knowledge of their subject area and skills that are highly-valued in today’s professional world, and benefit from the opportunities to build connections with SPRU’s prestigious network.


All five Masters courses taught by the Science Policy Research Unit at Sussex are eligible for SENER and CONACyT Funding.

SPRU has also developed a scholarship fund to help the most ambitious students take a step towards becoming a future policy maker.


SPRU’s Masters courses cover a broad scope of subjects relating to science, technology and innovation policies, which are:

MSc Science and Technology Policy

This course teaches students to design appropriate science and technology policies, and to analyse and evaluate them so that they may deliver the desired social and economic benefits. It introduces you to the key issues in devising such policies, and helps you, importantly, to develop critical thinking that is needed for the formulation of these policies.

These skills, combined with the high-calibre connections and global networks at SPRU, will help you to succeed at any organisation that deals with society’s most important social and environmental issues.

MSc Energy Policy

Keen to take on the challenge of a low-carbon global economy? This course focuses on the role of technological innovation and explores the opportunities, challenges and constraints in creating sustainable and low-carbon energy systems. This course adopts an interdisciplinary, practical and applied approach, and provides students with the skills to analyse energy-related problems as well as to propose and evaluate viable policy solutions.

The course is led by the Sussex Energy Group (SEG), one of the largest independent social science energy policy research groups in the world. Students are taught by leading experts on climate change mitigation and energy policy. These skills prepare students who aspire to be policymakers and business professionals in energy-related and environmental policies.

MSc Sustainable Development

The United Nations’ post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals propose an end to poverty and hunger, while simultaneously achieving sustainable global production and consumption. In response to this, the World Bank and other influential international agencies increasingly discuss sustainable development in terms of ‘Inclusive Green Growth’.

Yet the different aspects of economic growth, greening and inclusiveness may be at odds with each other. Therefore, strategies from international agencies, NGOs, national ministries and firms in developing countries are urgently needed to tackle these complex issues.

SPRU’s MSc in Sustainable Development at Sussex is specifically-designed to help you translate theories of social and technological innovation into effective development policies.

Management-related Courses

To help you on your way, SPRU also offers a number of innovative management courses.

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MSc Project Management

Advanced project management skills are highly valued by employers. This course allows students to develop a set of critical skills that let them successfully manage projects in today’s dynamic business and economic environment.  Students graduate with solid analytical and critical thinking skills that are essential for success in future leadership roles.

The Sussex MSc in Project Management prepares you for career opportunities in large international corporations, not-for-profit organisations and management consultancies.

MSc Strategic Innovation Management

Successful innovation management creates significant value, both economic and social, but this certainly isn’t easy nor is it automatic. This course equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to lead and manage innovation at the operational and strategic levels.

Focusing on new-product and service development in larger organisations, in both the private and public sectors, you develop an integrative approach that combines the management of the market, technological and organisational changes – and learn how to create value from innovation.

SPRU – a respected facet of the School of Business, Management and Economics at University of Sussex – stands at the forefront of ground-breaking ideas, problem-oriented research, stimulating teaching and high-impact engagement with decision makers across government, business and civil society.

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