engineering webinars
Engineering webinars can be great sources of information for students and professionals alike. Source: RAEng_Publications/Pixabay

As a STEM major, keeping up with developments in your field is second nature. Engineering students, for one, stand to benefit from free engineering webinars available online.

These webinars run the gamut of education and industry. They are offered by professional bodies and universities, involving experts and leaders from the world’s most respected engineering organisations. Here are five free engineering webinars you should check out to stay on top of your game as an engineering student and future professional.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

You’re familiar with the IEEE, but do you know the full breadth of its offerings? This professional body hosts online events that not only advance engineering but address timely issues affecting the industry. For example, there are sessions that empower universities and technology organisations to adapt their curriculum and research strategies to support distance learning and remote work environments.

Additionally, you can access tips and best practices to optimise research work with the latest knowledge and tools. Researchers can also find resources to get published and expand their network within academic, technical, and media communities. See the upcoming events here.

Royal Academy of Engineering

Here’s where you’ll find an online series of STEM education and skills policy seminars, featuring different guest speakers each week. These engineering webinars are perfect for students who want to explore the present and future of their field, particularly in higher education. Previous webinars included “Engineering habits of mind” by Professor Bill Lucas of the University of Winchester, and “Manufacturing the future workforce” by Paul Shakspeare of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult. See more here.

Engineering for Change

If green engineering is your passion, then Engineering for Change is right up your alley. You can widen your knowledge base with free, curated webinars on topics like Mobile Data Collection, Off-Grid Energy, and Bioengineering for Global Health. Then, you can delve deeper into sustainable engineering issues with the seminar series, which brings expert panel discussions to your computer screen. Check them out here.

Keysight Technologies

Keysight’s Engineering Webinar Series touches on technologies, trends, and expert tips on design and measurement in the realm of 5G and IoT, among others. You can also access on-demand webinars such as “Enabling 5G & Designing Wafer-Level Chip-Scale Packaging” and “EMI Interference Analysis and Troubleshooting.” Choose your region to view the available webinars here.

Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

Software engineers, pick up the latest research and solutions in your field at one of the leading universities in the US. Whether it’s cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, or DevOps, these software engineering webinars will keep you on top of computing trends. Monthly webinars include “Threats for Machine Learning” by Mark Sherman and “Agile in Government: Go for Insight, Not Just Oversight” by Suzanne Miller. Subscribe to the channel here.