5 Computer Science schools that have cracked the career success code
Source: University of Central Lancashire

The global tech sector is thriving, of this there is no doubt. From the home to the workplace and beyond, mankind’s insatiable need to stay connected is what drives this thirst for more advancements in the field.

As TechHQ highlights, “On the way to work and in the office, people are glued to their phones, constantly consuming content on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other apps – or listening to the radio.”

Yet, when the day is over, “People sit in front of the couch, watching Netflix and YouTube on their tablets, phones, and smart TVs” – there seems to be no escape from digital disruption.

And though there are those who despise the effect that technology has on us today, many have cottoned on to its countless benefits and are beginning to embrace it.

In the field of computer science, international students are gearing up for practical and theoretical exams about data processing, intriguing algorithms and various types of computing technology.

As the world grows increasingly technological, these learners are catching on to the promising career prospects that a well-respected qualification in computer science can have and where it may take them.

Source: Tampere University of Technology

To support this notion, PayScale released their College Salary Report 2017-2018 to analyse the highest paying Bachelor degrees by salary potential. Within their report, a Bachelor’s degree in ‘Computer Science (CS) & Engineering’ turned out to be a lucrative career path to choose with an average starting salary of $70,900 (£55,632).

Skills acquired from a computer science degree are often viewed as invaluable across a wide range of industries. Therefore, it’s no surprise that a starting salary like the one listed above is becoming a leading advantage to studying CS.

However, with so many academic institutions out there offering to fill your memory with the world’s best computing knowledge, how do you choose one that merges a student experience with a syllabus that’s rich with high-tech expertise?

You’ll often find the answer in their research projects web page. If they’re passionate about producing 21st century changemakers who are driven to improve the planet with tech-based solutions, then it demonstrates the university’s dedication to your personal growth.

By encouraging learners to participate in their revolutionary research efforts, computer science graduates won’t just be receiving a high-pay package once they’ve left a great CS school, they’ll also gain a priceless global perspective.

Here are 5 prime schools of Computer Science that have cracked the career success code…


Source: University of Central Lancashire

Accredited by professional bodies such as the British Computer Society (BCS) and the Institute of Physics (IOP), the School of Physical Sciences and Computing at the University of Central Lancashire is providing creative and dynamic opportunities to computer science students.

Through the distinguished BSc (Hons) Computer Science degree, you will learn how to manage software projects, how to program effectively in C++, how to apply industry-standard software development techniques to modern applications and discover why it’s important to master computational thinking in today’s digital age.

Unlike other computer science schools, Central Lancashire expects students to merge theory with practice within the early stages of their higher education experience. That’s why their other courses such as the BSc (Hons) Computer Games Development degree and the MSc IT Security degree enables you to participate in team-based projects and helps you to develop your project management skills.

By consistently inspiring students, staff and alumni with world-renowned research and public engagement initiatives, this school at the University of Central Lancashire is challenging the boundaries of computer science.


Located in the Finnish city of Tampere is this innovative, international and multi-disciplinary faculty of computing and electrical engineering. Here, a talented community of faculty and staff help students and researchers thrive in a dynamic, academic setting.

Here, those proficient in Finnish can pursue the MSc Programme in Information Technology or Electrical Engineering.

Those seeking English-medium Masters can choose from the nine programmes on offer, including Data Engineering and Machine Learning, Factory Automation and Robotics, Communication Systems and Networks and more!

Source: Tampere University of Technology

Tampere is also the place to pursue high-quality postgraduate education and conduct research under the supervision of experienced scientists. Dr Petros Karamanakos, a current PhD candidate at the faculty, is one such man.

His illustrious academic career includes winning the 2014 Third Best Paper Award of the IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, as well as the First Prize Paper Award of the Industrial Drives Committee at the 2013 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition.


Based in the serene Scandinavian nation of Sweden, thousands of international students are intrigued by the institution’s wide array of computer science degrees.

Taught in both Swedish and English, courses attract a variety of applicants with intriguing viewpoints to invigorate classroom discussions. Their research also covers worldwide interests such as the art of Algorithms, Computer Graphics, Embedded Systems Design, Robots and Semantic Systems, Software Development Research and Software Engineering.

For aspiring students who are looking to strategise their studies with complex computer science concepts and fascinating technological terminology, Lund offers you the chance to learn everything that you need to know about the subject. By following your passion for the field, you’ll not only enhance your expertise, but you’ll also dramatically boost your employability.

As computer science is a hot topic of today’s digital age, Lund University encourages learners to keep their professional portfolio up-to-date with relevant events. By networking with local digital science communities and raising your profile, there will be a world full of opportunities waiting for you after Lund.


At the University of Antwerp’s Faculty of Science, you can master one of the world’s most prominent contemporary subjects with their Bachelor of Computer Science degree.

In Belgium, there are many job opportunities to be pursued at big telecom operators, vendors and Internet of Things startups. So, once you’ve completed the degree, you could end up in the digital or scientific sectors of these dynamic industrial organisations.

Source: University of Antwerp

As this Bachelor’s scheme promotes a growth mindset, you’ll have the freedom to contribute your ideas to the global development of data science and the ability to use your knowledge of computer science to your advantage by graduating in a highly sought-after subject.

Reflecting on her personal experience of Antwerp, Sara from Albania states that, “Unlike my previous university, this one has complex courses in data mining and model-driven engineering. Yet, as most of the courses are taught in English and the lecturers are helpful, these topics are easy to overcome!”


As published on their website, “Researchers and students at the Faculty of Science are fascinated by every aspect of how the world works, be it elementary particles, the birth of the universe or the functioning of the brain.”

By hosting an academic community of changemakers, everyone at this Amsterdam-based university has the desire to explore new technologies and unravel the latest discoveries of the digital age. With core focuses on innovation and impact, both global and local companies consistently collaborate with the faculty’s investigative efforts.

For example, the collaboration between Qualcomm and UvA is leading the way in deep vision. As a relatively new field, the concept relates to deep learning and computer vision. Since Qualcomm and UvA want to make advancements in this subject, their joint research activities are influential for students to witness.

With an extensive array of programmes, you’ll soon receive a multidisciplinary insight into the world of computer science and a world-renowned qualification.

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