4 Universities that integrate Business with Tech

In today’s rapidly-changing business environment, more and more forward-thinking firms have jumped the bandwagon to digital transformation by integrating technology into their processes.

Having caught on to the added value this shift can contribute to their profit margins, many are now exploring deeper into the potential for technology to streamline and maximise their working models.

This makes graduates who can demonstrate a solid understanding of both of these essential disciplines, the holy grail to employers these days.

In Australia, digital skills shortages are increasingly impacting the workforce. An estimated 100,000 ICT workers will be in demand over the next five years, yet the number of graduates with ICT qualifications has declined significantly since the early 2000s.

Being one of the few graduates with an understanding of the untapped potential of modern technology and how that can be applied to business objectives is a significant advantage in today’s market.

A handful of universities are recognising this demand and understanding the importance of both business and technology working hand in hand. To capitalise on this thirst for competent and skilled graduates in both fields, universities are putting together courses that can bring together the most important aspects of each and expose students to the valuable way of thinking that will no doubt prove to be the future.

Here  are 4 universities integrating business with tech… 


Federation University Australia’s new Brisbane campus offers world class facilities with cutting-edge technology. The architect designed interior provides relaxing breakout areas for students, tech labs and integrated study areas.

The key value of the campus is its industry-focused degrees, offering a bridge between the worlds of business and technology.  This includes unique engagement with the business and community sectors as part of each degree program, assisting to build employability skills and real world experience.  Students have opportunities to work with start-up companies as well as large multinational companies including Concentrix.


The Master of Technology (Enterprise Systems and Business Analytics) is a perfect example of this. Learning how to optimise business models and branch out to new frontiers, this course will help you craft and understand a pathway from ambition to reality. Designed to prepare you for success in all roles that use Enterprise System (ES) Technology, this course is the key to managing, integrating and expanding business endeavours.

Taking a similar approach, the Master of Technology (Software Engineering) focuses on essential skills needed in the high-tech, fast-moving business world.  Both programs enables students to integrate with the business sector to build professional networks and opportunities.

The Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and Master of Business Administration (Health Services Management) bring a strong focus on the world of business and the processes involved in running a successful enterprise.  The programs develop skills and specialist knowledge needed to manage and solve industry specific issues.

FedUni Brisbane is committed to providing a higher degree of success. Through a guaranteed internship upon graduation, and placement programs throughout the studies, they ensure graduates are well-prepared to take those first steps into the competitive employment market.


Monash was voted the best place to study Information Technology in Malaysia and was ranked 48th in the world according to the Times Higher Education University rankings. Here you have the pleasure of gaining a prestigious Australian degree from a university in the top 1 percent in the world, while also enjoying the excitement of living in beautiful Malaysia.

The School of Information Technology offers a perfect fusion of both the business and IT worlds through its Master of Business Information Systems (MBIS) that gives you the edge in the competitive modern business sphere.

This unique program is suitable for all regardless of your undergraduate degree, so if you have the desire to learn the skills that will prove so valuable in today’s job market, then this course is perfect for you.

You will gain an understanding of business information systems to a level of depth and sophistication consistent with senior professional practice making you a priceless addition to any business team after graduation.

Understanding the significance of both business and technology coming together, Monash Malaysia brings together transdisciplinary teams of researchers to collaboratively work on significant technology problems at the intersection of business and tech, pushing the boundaries of fundamental and applied research to define and deliver research and technology innovation for a new generation.


Auckland University of Technology puts an emphasis on rigorous, relevant and engaged learning, which encourages students to become critical-thinking, adaptable graduates, ready to thrive in today’s fast-changing world.

Graduates of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law pick up the skills needed through extensive engagement with business, the professions and the community. This approach prepares students to work in the collaborative practises so highly sought after these days.

Business courses offered cover a whole range of topic areas from Applied Finance and Global Business to Marketing and a traditional Masters of Business Administration (MBA).

As computing and technology plays such an integral role in New Zealand’s economic development, the university also offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the field.

Each of these areas of study have strong industry connections, international partnerships and the opportunity for Workplace Integrated Learning.

This nine-week placement provides students with a transition between their studies and the business world, and gives companies access to talented and motivated final year students. This gives you the chance to apply what you learned in the classroom and to develop your knowledge and skills in a business environment. You have the choice of completing the program either in New Zealand or overseas.


With its 100-year history, Swinburne knows how to move with the times and is a pioneer in merging business and technology studies to create a more productive and streamlined working future.

In a world-first strategic partnership, Swinburne is pairing up with tech powerhouses Adobe to roll out Adobe Marketing Cloud, the most comprehensive set of digital marketing solutions, to spearhead Swinburne’s digital transformation. Swinburne will also broaden the breadth of its digital advertising technology curriculum to incorporate the Adobe Marketing Cloud platform.

Seeing the gap in the job market that is crying out for ICT workers, Swinburne takes advantage of the demand for graduates with digital skills and so incorporates this skill set into its Business courses.

As part of a world-first educational partnership with Adobe, Swinburne’s digital Bachelor of Business incorporates the new digital advertising technology by working with the Adobe Marketing Cloud platform. This includes one-of-a-kind training materials and accredited teaching practices, allowing students to immerse themselves in digital technology whilst directly addressing the digital skills gap.

Given the high demand for employees with these valuable skills, graduates from Swinburne have the pick of their jobs regardless of industry or profession.

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