4 leaders of Art & Design that impact the imagination business

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” Albert Einstein

Entrepreneurship, business innovation and technology are key focus points in today’s world. Since the surge of start-up culture and the encouragement of independent thought, students are steered towards courses that offer them the freedom to create.

The creative world is often referred to as the imagination business, and universities across the world now understand the potential that it holds. Just as Forbes explains, “Good leaders can paint a picture of what the future holds, inspiring their colleagues and employees to work together to achieve the business’s potential. Leaders need to have the time and imagination to plan strategically for the future and to set ambitious targets for growth.”

Once you discover the power of your imagination, you’ll notice diverse industry doors begin to fly open. Since the term itself is so broad, you can use your creative thinking and practical approach to learning in a range of roles and professional fields.

You might choose to immerse yourself in a company of your own and use your creative vision to change the direction of existing societal structures. By constructing a new mechanism or technological instrument, you can dramatically alter and improve the welfare of others.

When the famous fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood, decided to let her creative talents unfold, the world looked on with awe and admiration. From working as a teacher to becoming a global style sensation, Westwood shows us what can happen once we ignite our passion.

When the co-founder of Pinterest, Evan Sharp, used his degree in architecture and knowledge of product design to create an internationally-renowned company of artistic influence, his imagination led him down a rewarding and prosperous path.

Creativity is everywhere, and by choosing to direct it into a career, you can take your abilities to a whole new level. With dedicated and success-driven art and design schools on hand, you’ll be equipped with the finest facilities and gifted tutors that will help you thrive in the business of imagination.

As the Entrepreneur elucidates, “Your imagination can help improve your well-being and even assist in negotiations.” Which is extremely beneficial as, “Entrepreneurs use their imaginations to find innovative solutions to the world’s biggest problems.”

So, if you want to blend your innovative ideas with the business sector, it’s a great idea to begin your academic journey at a forward-thinking art and design school.

Here are 4 leaders in art and design that greatly impact the imagination business…


“At ArtCenter, we have a history of giving artists, designers and image makers the skills they need to succeed. Today, that means strong leadership in its myriad forms, an affinity for problem-solving, and working within—and sometimes breaking—existing structures to make the most positive impact,” says ArtCenter Provost, Karen Hofmann.

In the sun-soaked Californian city of Pasadena, ArtCenter’s architecturally significant Hillside Campus and innovative South Campus have attracted a vast amount of attention and interaction since the start. By combining creative study environments with engaging Designmatters courses, students make a real impact by developing the specific set of design skills needed to navigate the complex dynamics of working with local, national and international communities.

Whether inside the classroom, in a pop-up studio or at partnering universities across the globe, ArtCenter’s dynamic relationships with industry bring transformative opportunities to students and alumni. Since 1960, virtually every major car company has sponsored a project at ArtCenter, as well as companies like Google, Microsoft, HP, currency printer KBA-NotaSys and SIG International.

To help you carve your professional route and pursue your career as an effective innovator, the college has created a number of informative education programmes to help students and alumni develop an entrepreneurial outlook. With cutting-edge initiatives and facilities to support your studies, it’s time to design your creative future at ArtCenter.


Life at LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore offers a rapid flow of creative projects and strategic spaces for your inner innovator to draw, design, present and build. As dance student, Nor Liyana explains, “Studying in LASALLE has probably been one of the best experiences as it has taught me many new things. I had the opportunity to participate in cross-disciplinary collaborations and the chance to create new friendships with student-artists from other faculties.”

By providing an international curriculum infused with global consciousness, the college brings together artists, designers and creative engineers from different countries and backgrounds to form a united learning environment.

Through prime partnerships with top-notch institutions, LASALLE encourages students to invest their creative ambitions and dedicated work ethic towards collaborative degrees. And since the prestigious company Goldsmiths validates course quality, you know you’ll be learning at an intellectually rigorous institution.

At LASALLE College of the Arts, the stage is yours. There’s always an opportunity to showcase your inventions and display your talents to the public through exhibitions and performances. With so many LASALLE learners receiving incredible awards, it’s a great place to get noticed.


The Queensland College of Art in Australia (QCA) at Griffith University has cleverly used creative skills and energy to design an interactive course QCA tool. Through the live platforms, you can review all the possible paths that are open to you as an aspiring and artistic entrepreneur.

The hub helps you explore work-integrated learning schemes, real world projects, mobility opportunities and studio courses. For instance, if you’re interested in the niche subject of architectural visualisation, then QCA guides you towards the ideal course.

Across every creative platform, there has been a remarkable amount of Queensland College of Art’s alumni. To name a select few, there was Griffith graduate Judd Armstrong, who released a line of wearable fitness trackers and co-founder, Jodie Fox, who established a website where women can design their own shoes. At QCA, anything is possible before and after you graduate.

Bursting with innovation and creative talent, the college promotes the power of imagination. With industry-leaders ensuring that your chosen degree programme meets all of your expectations, the Queensland College of Art keeps students motivated and confident to enter the competitive domain of 21st-century entrepreneurs.


Known for hosting thought-provoking events such as the ‘Utsuwa Utsushi’ symposium and the Footnotes exhibition, the University of the Arts London (UAL)  has a longstanding reputation for educating exceedingly creative students.

By learning in the heart of London, you’re immersed in a city that breathes creativity and innovation. On campus you’re surrounded by a community of future changemakers, designers and architects. With the option to study a selection of inventive courses such as patternmaking, digital photography and graphic design, there’s no limit to your learning potential.

For the business side of UAL, there are exciting sponsored student projects to participate in. By contributing your imaginative ideas to partnering corporations, you have a better chance of being noticed by future employers and gaining valuable work experience. There are even scholarships available to ensure that financial strains do not get in the way of your creative potential.

With regular equality, diversity and inclusion reports, UAL welcomes learners from all walks of life. This school understands that every student can create and has an exclusive perspective to offer. So, if you’re searching for creativity without borders, the University of the Arts in London is an excellent place to start.

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