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One out of five students chooses to pursue a business degree, with many hoping it will bring career success. They learn how to lead, how to navigate the industry and how to make the right connections with the right people. They train to be persistent, manage time, communicate well, be creative and create vision.

The most outstanding business schools offer degrees that do something more: they nurture students to become changemakers. They’ve equipped graduates with the skills, knowledge, and power to make workplaces, homes and people’s everyday lives better. Examples include fostering leadership and inclusion for women in the workplace; helping us connect with the rest of the world; and keeping philanthropic endeavours, from Philadelphia to the Philippines, alive — and that’s just naming three.

Here are four universities shaping graduates into business leaders the world needs:

Nova School of Business & Economics

Nova School of Business & Economics is known as a #24 Top European Business School, a reputation fueled by the Financial Times rankings in 2022. Nova SBE offers 9 Master’s programmes ranked among the top 15 worldwide (International Master’s in Finance #11 and International Master’s in Management #15) also holding the prestigious triple crown accreditations by AACSB, EQUIS & AMBA.

This impressive string of accolades is due to many reasons. All Master’s programmes are fully taught in English, fusing advanced, rigorous, state-of-the-art teaching methodologies with a hands-on approach. All programs allow students to customize their academic journey by being able to select a full range of electives, together with the core courses available in each program.

Research is also key here, valuing investigation and experimentation that results in positive changes in the world. Such dynamic classes and breakthroughs enliven a diverse campus community — 65% of master’s students are international and world-class faculty come from over 20 different countries.

At Nova SBE, students have the opportunity to follow not only demanding, technical and applied knowledge but also to engage in a complete innovative, technological and entrepreneurial environment allowing them to broaden their perspectives and benefit from real-life connections. The development of personal competencies and tools are also part of the full Nova SBE experience as the main goal of this renowned Business School is to prepare future leaders with a deep sense of commitment towards creating meaningful impact on society and the world.

Students have highly professional support in the form of individual career counselling sessions, workshops, annual career fairs and events, mentoring programmes and online tools. They get just as much help in areas such as accommodation, visa, mobility and well-being-related topics. As graduates, they can leverage Nova SBE’s industry links to access highly sought job market opportunities globally — as well as a 17,000-strong alumni network in more than 93 countries that organise over 150 events worldwide and with over 25 alumni hubs across the world.

Campus is state-of-the-art, complete with 55 classrooms and 26 amphitheatres; a library and 24-hour Student Hall; a food court (with a canteen, a cafeteria, and two restaurants) and a smart store; banking supporting services, a health clinic, a gym, and even a direct tunnel to the beach!

Get ready for a bright new future and earn a Master’s degree defined by unique technical and applied knowledge combined with cutting-edge teaching techniques. Click here to learn more and discover all about the Nova way of life!

Vlerick Business School

Source: Vlerick Business School

Vlerick Business School

The country of chocolate and waffles is home to a world-class institution that offers a triple-accredited MBA programme. Vlerick Business School is a Belgian business school in Brussels, offering an MBA programme that ranks #62 in the world by QS Global MBA Ranking

The school offers a full-time MBA programme that equips students with the skills and knowledge to accelerate their careers to the next level. Here, the programme incorporates theory with learning hands-on skills, approaches and connections to ensure students become the agile leader top organisations need. 

As part of the programme, you will network with business leaders, workshop ideas, and receive input from leading faculty and business people. You will get the opportunity to gain real-world experience with a two-month, hands-on project in a company or NGO. You will gain knowledge of how organisations work and develop business plans that will ensure you are career-ready by the time you graduate. 

Entering the workforce can be daunting, which is why Vlerick is equipped with a supportive faculty ready to guide and support you throughout your academic journey. The school boasts an excellent employability rate, with over 75% of its students finding jobs post-graduation. Many of their graduates have gone on to work in top companies such as Amazon, Accenture, British American Tobacco, Citibank, Coca-Cola, HSBC, McKinsey, Microsoft and many more. 

IE Business School

Source: IE Business School

IE Business School

Located in Spain, IE University is a business school that aims to nurture the leaders of tomorrow. The IE Business School ranked first place in the QS World University Rankings: Online MBA 2022 and placed in the top 30 best business schools in the latest Financial Times (FT) rankings.

Following its liquid learning approach, business education here is always one step ahead. Flexible, transformative, and interactive — it’s an educational experience that adapts to the personal needs and professional aspirations of each student. The Virtual Reality (VR) Audience Simulator lets students, faculty, and staff hone their public speaking skills in front of a virtual audience. Over at the “WOW Room,” students get to collaborate and interact in a user-friendly environment for online classes and workshops.

Ultimately, IE University is a liquid learning organisation that’s ahead of its time. Hence why students from across the world enrol in the IE Business School and experience a transformational educational journey that takes their digital and entrepreneurial skills to the industry forefront. 

“I was drawn to the entrepreneurial focus of the school, the diversity of its students, its industry-leading professors, and the highly flexible format of the program,” says student Prashant Søegaard. 

 ESSEC Business School

Source: ESSEC Business School

ESSEC Business School

While Cergy, France, is known for its popular attractions, that’s not all the city is unique for. Though a little town, the city is home to one of the top business schools in the world. The ESSEC Business School focuses on educating students at all levels, from undergraduate to postgraduate and doctoral. The school aims to nurture future business leaders who are ready to take on careers that will benefit society. 

Its Global MBA programme ranks #93 globally. This programme is designed to focus on business concepts and international markets. It isn’t just about theory — students will gain first-hand experience through immersion in real-world projects and company visits. While the main part of the programme will be conducted on the Cergy campus, students will get the opportunity to choose between travelling to Singapore for five weeks or one week in an emerging market or multiple other countries, giving them an international experience. 

Conducted over 12 months, this intensive programme will give students the knowledge and experience to boost their careers. This is thanks to its varied and challenging content that covers Luxury Brand Management, and Strategy and Digital Leadership, giving students a macro view of core business functions coupled with industry-specific skills and knowledge to help them successfully switch careers to industries such as consulting, tech, or luxury.

Find out more about its exceptional MBA programme here


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