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Which are the most sought after Master's degrees? Source: Charles Deloye/ Unsplash

Curious about the most searched for Master’s degrees in the US this year? If so, Olivet Nazarene University has the answers.

By measuring the monthly search volume through a wide-ranging analysis of Google search trends, the Illinois-based university has compiled a selection of sought-after Master’s degrees, sprouting from different US states.

The analysis from Olivet Nazarene University began with a comprehensive list of the most popular master’s degrees from a previous study from Georgetown University, narrowed down and filtered out to a smaller number of degrees.

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What Master’s degrees are people searching for in the US? Source: Pixel2/Unsplash

The top 10 most searched for Master’s degrees in the US (2019)

  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA)  – 149,210 monthly searches
  2. Master of Health Administration (MHA) – 27,100 monthly searches
  3. Master of Public Health (MPH) – 16,940 monthly searches
  4. Master or Education (M.ED) – 13,070 monthly searches
  5. Master of Social Work (MSW) – 12,550 monthly searches
  6. Master of Psychology (MAP/MSP) – 11,590 monthly searches
  7. Master of Nursing (MSN) – 8,460 monthly searches
  8. Master of Public Administration (MPA) – 8,320 monthly searches
  9. Master of Engineering (M.Eng) – 7,820 monthly searches
  10. Master of Computer Science (MCS) – 7,120 monthly searches

Scoring first place, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a classic competitor and a longstanding popular postgraduate route.

Perched in the middle row is the Master of Social Work (MSW), rising alongside the popularity of social science degrees.

The Master of Computer Science (MCS) lands 10th place with 7,120 monthly searches, despite the notorious build up of publicity surrounding tech degrees.

“Interestingly, when compared to what the Georgetown study establishes as the highest earning degrees in the US, four of the top five most searched don’t even make the top 25 in highest earnings. This indicates at least a modest separation between people’s interest in furthering their education and their interest in earning more money, ” notes the report.

The MBA reigns over 2019 Master’s degrees. Source: Shutterstock

The most popular Master’s degrees being searched for in each US state

The report also analysed the most popular Master’s degrees by state, from Alabama to Delaware, and the list is full of revelations.

In New York, the most popular Master’s degree search was for social work, followed by public health and then public administration.

For Mississippi, the most popular Master’s degree search was for engineering, followed by nursing and then health administration.

But for Washington, the top Master’s degree search is for computer science, closely followed by education and health administration.

For Texas, the Master’s of Education came up first, followed by health administration and finance. Source: Carlos Delgado/Unsplash

Displaying a mixture of results, the report shows how varied the Master’s degree searches can be from state-to-state.

Shadowed by a strong following of health-related disciplines, next years’ results may cap the burst of business postgraduate degree searches and see a rise in public health and health administration specialisms.

But as it stands, the MBA remains victorious, with an impressive monthly search rate of 149,210 for 2019.

*For the full report, click here and find out what other Master’s degrees proved popular.

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