17 cooking fails students should NOT emulate … (plus a cooking win!)

For most of us, going away to university is the first time we’ve ever had to learn to fend for ourselves, and that includes picking up vital life skills, such as how to iron our clothes, and most importantly: how to cook.

Okay, show of hands – how many of you knew how to cook anything that didn’t include the word “instant” or “microwaveable” in them before you went to uni?

And even then, some can easily pick up the art of cooking and are naturals in the kitchen, while others … aren’t.

To give you some tips on what not to do, here are some of the worst cooking fails we’ve ever seen:

1. That legit looks like the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

 2. This mug cake somehow managed to end up everywhere but in the mug.

 3. … I think that spaghetti’s a bit overcooked.

 4. While this one’s a bit undercooked.

 5. Never having coffee again.

6. What a waste of a perfectly good pizza D:

7. Pasta sauce: 1 – Microwave: 0

 8. Hmm, we’ll give this monstrosity of a cake a hard pass.

 9. Well, see, the point of electric kettles is so you don’t have to use the stove.

 10. … We wonder how they egg-splained this mishap.

 11. Most of these cooking fails don’t even need words, but the apology helps.

 12. We’re definitely not a fan of this method of cutting cabbage.

 13. Join the club!

14. Idea: use this burnt-beyond-belief slice of pizza as fuel for a BBQ!

 15. In answer to your question: … No. No they’re not.

 16. This is a crime against nature!

17. Next year, everyone will be giving thanks that this student isn’t cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

And one cooking hack that gets our “Not Bad” seal of approval for the fact that it’s an ingenious solution for when you’re left without a colander (even though we still wouldn’t recommend that you try this at home!):

(H/T: Buzzfeed, Lifebuzz)

Image via Celeste Noche/Flickr

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