16 things that are only acceptable when you’re a student


Just wait until you finish…you’ll realise just how great you had it!

1. Eating exactly the same meal three times a day

And speaking of breakfast, it can actually go down at pretty much any time…

Mmmmmm we all know it tastes good…have no shame!

2. Relying on a glass like it’s a legitimate extension of your arm

3. Casually napping in public after a heavy night

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Babies do it (and they haven’t seen half of the crazy things you have) so why can’t you?

4. Wearing sunnies to class to hide the blood-shot traces of the night before

You did once brave class without the shades but the light evaporated all the moisture and your eyes turned into raisins…

5. Coming up with creative ways to go unnoticed while you sleep

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No one will ever know…

6. Turning dirty underwear inside out so you don’t have to do your laundry

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It’s an age-old trick…and it’s good for the environment!

6. Running out of room for all your homies to sleep so letting one crash in the bathtub

Use it while you can because real-life adults are expected to invest in a little thing called a ‘spare room’…

7. Reading anything but your compulsory course materials

Shampoo bottles also make for a riveting read!

8. Injuring yourself with absolutely no recollection as to how

Oh yeah…so that’s what happened!

9. Challeging everyone to an eating competition


Good times at the Attig house. @brittattig11 @ilceb #familytimes #labordayweekend2016 #eatingchallenge #funny

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Like, literally everyone

10. Living in a stinking pit of your own mess

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“How can it be considered a mess? I know exactly where everything is!”

…Yeah, yeah…

11. Spending days…weeks…maybe even months procrastinating and seeing absolutely no consequences


When people say I’m not working hard on this year abroad … #UltimateProcrastination #Geneva

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12. Staying awake so long that your brain starts to feel tight and crusty

That lecture on quantum theory is gonna be painful

13. Putting virtually no effort into your halloween costume

Via CollegeHumor

Hey, it’s Halloween on a student budget! You still completely work it out!!!

14. Leaving passive aggressive notes around the house rather than directly talking to the accused

Via Cosmopolitan

Do you think they get the picture?

15. Or just completely skipping out the ‘passive’…

Via Cosmopolitan

That should do it!

16. And just generally making a fool out of yourself


Seriously – make the most of every second! Because once you graduate, it’s time to really start ‘adulting’…

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