10 memes everyone taking the International Baccalaureate will identify with
You can cry or you can make memes to express your suffering as an IB student. Source: Shutterstock

For International Baccalaureate (IB) students, nothing captures the in-jokes better than memes. Words can express most things, but memes take these expressions to a whole new level. There’s no end to what an image and some cleverly placed text can do to articulate the sheer pains of studying Theory of Knowledge, or the joy of completing the Extended Essays.

While the IB’s intention is well-placed – “IB programmes challenge students to excel in their studies, and encourage both personal and academic achievement” – this programme is tough. Compared to Advanced Placement (AP) and A Levels, the IB is difficult, despite being the youngest of the three.

Aiming to produce “well-rounded individuals”, the IB employs measures like the Extended Essay – an independent, self-directed piece of research, finishing with a 4,000-word paper – which means high school students are pushed to produce university-level work.

The IB holds a tough love sort of curriculum. It will toughen you up, but as many previous graduates have said, it’s likely to be a stressful, anxious and sleep-deprived process – but worth it in the end!

Memes represent a moment of release from this. And they’re fun – who can argue with that?!

In honour of this nugget of internet culture that have helped forged communities and invoked solidarity among IB students, we’ve rounded up our personal favourites below:

1. There is no shortage of venting about the difficulty of the IB.

2. Coming up second: The mandatory Extended Essay and how it eats into every corner of IB students’ free time.

3. This is living proof that IB students are way wittier than AP students.

4. IB students go through an oral presentation and 1,600 word essay assessment on what’s basically r/showerthoughts.

5. “Yeah it’s pretty good for anyone who wants to follow a career in the social sciences.”

6. This is a pretty lit meme.

7. “Students must be sleepy and tired because they’re playing games and on their phones all the time.”

8. A little subject dissing never hurt anyone (and always gets the upvotes).

9. Very clever sound effect.

10. This is too devastatingly true.

* All images are from r/IBO.

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