Company offers alternative to those disappointed with A-level results
Meet some tortoise while volunteering in Seychelles. Source: Shutterstock.

Students who wish to defer university for another year or who have to because they failed to make the grade can now apply for a different kind of learning experience in the meantime.

Five hundred internship scholarships worth £500 each are now on offer by Global Vision International (GVI) for those who wish to embark on “a year of personal discovery, experiential education and unforgettable travels”.

“GVI internships provide students with practical hands-on experience to help enhance personal and professional development,” the international volunteering organisation said in a statement.

The internships aim to provide school-leavers with real-world field experience in a variety of developing countries; teamwork and leadership skills; and knowledge in key global issues – all of which will be valuable to have when they later seek jobs or go to university.

Examples of adventures that students can apply for include a 6 to 12 weeks Community Development Internship in Nepal, an Environmental Conservation Internship in Seychelles and a Wildlife Conservation Internship in South Africa.

The scholarship offer follows a recent survey by responsible travel experts Oyster Worldwide that found Thailand and South Africa are UK gap-year travellers’ favourite destinations.

Another survey by research company High Fliers last month also found more fresh graduates are planning to take “time off” or go travelling after their graduation instead of seeking for jobs, citing low levels of confidence in being able to land a job in the current graduate job market.

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