10 most Hogwarts-like universities for Harry Potter fans
Welcome to Hogwarts. Well, almost. Pic: Shutterstock.

The day of receiving our very own acceptance letter to Hogwarts, sent by none other than a snowy owl, may never come. (Though we still pray very hard that it will)

But weep not, fellow Muggles, for there’s some hope yet: there are 10 universities and colleges you can apply to as consolation, for a chance to weave a little magic into your life.

Also, happy 20th birthday, Harry!

1. Oxford University, UK 

Pic: Shutterstock.

You don’t get any closer to Hogwarts than Oxford – scenes from the films were actually shot on campus. Oxford’s Great Hall (pic above) is the inspiration behind Hogwarts Dining Hall. Let the feast begin!

2. University of Coimbra, Portugal

Pic: Shutterstock.

It’s rumoured that J.K. Rowling got the inspiration for Hogwarts from her time living in Portugal’s second city, Porto. Look at the black gowns the students at the medieval town of Coimbra are wearing!

3. Harvard University, US


“Hermione was checking Harry and Ron’s Charms homework for them. She would never let them copy (“How will you learn?”), but by asking her to read it through, they got the right answers anyway.”

4. Yale University, US


Bet there’s a restricted section with books containing powerful Dark Magic in here too.

5. Duke University, US

Pic: Shutterstock.

So inspiring that one student even created a Weasley clock, according to The Chronicle.

6. Durham University, UK

Spells bounce off the Durham’s Castle Crypt walls here.

7. University of Notre Dame, Indiana, US


The sorting’s about to begin.

8. University of Chicago, US


Its Gothic buildings and gargoyles have Hogwarts written all over it.

9. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY


Ghosts pop by once in while too.

10. University of Sydney, Australia


Perfect for Quidditch practice, wouldn’t you say?

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