10 amazing dorm rooms that will make you jealous
Is your dorm room Instagram-worthy? Source: Shutterstock

They say your home is your castle.

And judging by these college dorms, its residents come pretty close to being kings and queens … of interior design.

It makes us mortal beings’ spartan, messy rooms look more like jail cells than the castle it’s supposed to be.

So, to help you with your “prison break”, here are 10 rooms to inspire you to create a space that’s ace:

1. Use a feature piece, like a painting with colours that pop


2. If that fails, bottles of Adderall work too (kidding!)

3. But seriously, get that artwork up on those walls!

4. A mini pride parade? That’s brilliant.


5. Test your dorm for its Insta-worthiness and you’re on your way


6. K-pop is taking over the world, and that includes dorm rooms


7. Create a cosy spot to ponder life’s little wonders, or your 10,000-word assignment due tomorrow.

8. Colour schemes matter


9. So do initials! Always better in gold, FYI


10. And if all else fails, go minimal and functional. Tape those takeaway brochures and ’90s rock band posters up


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