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Yoobee College of Creative Innovation: Where career-ready software engineers are made

Growing up in Sweden, Rasmus Nordberg was always fascinated by the world of technology, computers, and video games. He often found himself tinkering with devices and studying online resources. As he got older, his passion only intensified — hence, his decision to pursue a Software Engineering degree abroad. “I wanted to create my own things,” he says.

He chose Auckland — where the Yoobee College of Creative Innovation is based. Endorsed by the government, New Zealand’s largest specialist creative and technology college has over three decades of experience in fueling industries with new generations of animators, filmmakers, designers, tech-savvy professionals, and game developers. Nordberg sought to be one of them, equipped with the Bachelor of Software Engineering as his launchpad to success.

“My three words to describe the software engineering programme at Yoobee are: interesting, inspiring and creative,” enthuses the international student. “For those who are still struggling to make decisions to join this programme, I would say, just go for it! There is nothing to be afraid of because Auckland is a very friendly city, and there are a lot of great people here. The biggest challenge is to have the courage to leave home but you will not regret it.”

Instead of focusing on traditional computer science subjects, this fulfilling qualification explores relevant topics such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, cyber security, game development as well as web and app development. Yoobee’s Master of Software Engineering (MSE) takes it up a notch for more advanced students.

Designed with the future in mind, this programme nurtures refined knowledge of cutting-edge technologies to develop resilient, innovative and diverse software specialists. Modules are based on insights from experts within academia and industry — made possible by Yoobee’s partnerships with global companies like IBM, AWS, Cisco and Fortinet.

The first trimester focuses on developing practical and technical hard skills, like programming language syntax, object-orientated concepts, and foundational algorithms. The second stage of the programme revolves around data analytics, blockchain, cloud security, and intelligent transportation systems such as loT, computer vision, and machine learning.

The third trimester enables students to apply all their newfound skills through a capstone research project. The culminating task might sound daunting, but since the MSE programme is project-based through and through — comprising industry projects, group work, and real-world case studies — students reach this point typically ready to flex a range of relevant skills. Internships at the likes of Meta, Snapchat and HP Inc. do wonders in fostering career-ready skills as well. While the road to achieving optimum employability typically takes a year and a half, those keen on fast-tracking their progression are welcome to complete the entire degree programme in just one year.

“We designed this programme for people who will be popular in the job market not only for now but also for the next five to 10 years,” says Yoobee’s Head of Faculty Narayan Nepal, who also founded the MSE programme. “We have the top academic leaders in each field of software engineering in New Zealand to teach our students and bring real-world projects to the programme. It has a wider scope — meaning, students of various academic backgrounds are welcome to join in.”

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