Why YCIS is the best choice for international education in Shanghai

Why YCIS is the best choice for international education in Shanghai

When a move to Shanghai is on the horizon, it opens up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your career and personal life. Moreover, if you’re relocating with children, it gives them the chance to dive into the world of Chinese language and culture, to take part in activities they might never have experienced back home, and to set themselves apart later in life when it comes to university applications.

While many schools pop up in a quick Google search, there’s one school in Shanghai that offers a truly international education that’s different from all the rest – Yew Chung International School of Shanghai (YCIS). Here are some of the reasons why YCIS Shanghai is the ideal choice for children from age two to age eighteen:

An unparalleled Chinese Language and Culture programme

Whether your family will be in Shanghai long-term, or on a short-term basis, helping your child develop a strong foundation in Mandarin – including speaking, reading, and writing the language – is a golden opportunity, with numerous studies reporting the benefits of doing so. Documented research shows that children who study a foreign language:

  • Tend to score better on standardized tests, especially in math, reading, and vocabulary;
  • Build stronger memory skills from learning grammatical rules and vocabulary; and
  • Build stronger multitasking skills because they can easily switch between two systems of speech, writing, and structure.

With the longest running and most developed Chinese Language and Culture programme of any international school in the city, YCIS students are immersed in a multicultural and bilingual learning environment with two Co-Teachers (one international and one Chinese) in every Kindergarten and Primary classroom. All students at YCIS study Chinese for an hour every day, as well as observing Chinese Culture every week, helping them develop language skills and deep cultural understanding.

Academic excellence and expert support in achieving university success

At YCIS, Secondary students form part of a long tradition of academic excellence with top IGCSE and IB scores year-after-year, resulting in YCIS being the only school in Mainland China to have received the prestigious “Cambridge Award for Excellence in Education” from Cambridge Interational Examinations.

In addition, YCIS students benefit from the support of a very experienced team of University Guidance Counsellors who have vast knowledge about the university application process and career planning. The Guidance Counsellors help students discover their ideal university selections, and provide individualised support to both the students and their families throughout the application process. The team includes a former University Admissions Officer who is able to share additional insight about what universities seek in their applicants, and every counsellor teaches weekly classes on personal development skills, including organisation and communication. With this support combined with a focus on academic achievement, YCIS Shanghai students matriculate to the top universities around the world every year.

A dynamic programme in Athletics

Students at YCIS know the thrill of success, learning that it takes teamwork and collaboration to get there. With an appreciation of the benefits of working together, the drive to never give up, and the value of being a good sport, YCIS students know it’s all about winning with integrity, on and off the courts.

The school offers a multitude of sports through their athletics programme, plus many more sports opportunities through Co-Curricular and weekend activities. From Year 6 onwards, students are able to participate in sports practices and tournaments, and are also able to compete against other international schools as part of ACAMIS (The Association of China and Mongolia International Schools) and SISAC (the Shanghai International Schools Athletics Conference).

A warm and welcoming community

Community is at the heart of YCIS. The school prides itself on how its faculty and families come together in a warm and co-operative way. Parents are able to participate in their child’s school life by interacting with teachers on a regular basis, as well as being heavily involved within the school community. Parent Relations Officers and the Parent Organisation (POP) help connect parents and the school’s administration, while these groups also help organise events and workshops for the YCIS community throughout the year. For families relocating to Shanghai, POP offers guidance when it comes to settling in the city and becoming part of the Shanghai family. Throughout the year, there are get-together activities, including barbecues, picnics, tours, and workshops.

YCIS is also home to the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts of America (Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts), and many other fun and rewarding activities for families to participate in, and weekends are a real buzz of activity on the school’s stunning campuses!

While a move to Shanghai will ignite a tangled web of decisions, when it comes to selecting a school in Shanghai, YCIS offers children opportunities that help set them apart and prepares them to be competitive in an increasingly globalised world.

For more information about the school, visit www.ycis-sh.com.

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