Would you like to pursue an MSc in Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
Are you interested in furthering your AI skills? Source: Hitesh Choudhary/Unsplash

As the 2019 Topics & Trends Report from Facebook IQ shows, tech-fueled escapism is on the rise.

“New forms of escapist pastimes are catering to Gen Z and Millennial audiences craving thrilling or therapeutic media experiences,” the report notes. “Viewers have become deeply immersed in social gaming sites such as Twitch, racking up an astounding 2.5 billion hours from July to September watching its interactive livestreams, mostly of players navigating hours-long games.”

With the increase of digital dimensions and online programmes, artificial intelligence (AI), sometimes called machine intelligence, is a subject many students are desperate to connect to.

Since the industries of social gaming, media and networking show no signs of slowing down, it’s no shock that learners of all ages are upgrading their pre-existing knowledge of AI and signing up for an MSc Artificial Intelligence (AI) degree.

We are aligning ourselves with the AI generation. Source: Giphy

How to apply for an MSc Artificial Intelligence (AI) degree

From autonomous vehicles, video game design and criminal behaviour prediction, most MSc AI degrees will be multidisciplinary and will introduce you to an extensive range of academic angles.

By learning to work with machines and to understand their mechanisms, you’ll be ready for a robotic future and feel confident in your next career.

As MasterStudies.com explains, “As a growing field of research, you can generally find artificial intelligence programmes at universities around the world. Convenient options such as part-time study or online classes you can take at home are also available.”

But with the option to obtain your degree online or to stick to traditional face-to-face campus learning, you should first decide which learning style suits you best before applying.

If you’d rather opt for online education, you may benefit from virtual lectures and progressive tools that will enhance your interests in AI.

Alternatively, if you choose a campus-based degree, you may enjoy human interaction more than continuous computer engagement…

Source: Stefan Vladimirov/Unsplash

Ensure that you choose a reputable university/school with the technological tools needed to train you, as well as professors with extensive experience in the AI industry.

If the school has impressive academic accreditations and evidence of successful alumni members, even better.

Before you apply online, make sure that the university you choose has a supportive careers team or employment hub. Since this is a postgraduate degree, your plan will be to advance your professional path and to take the next career step.

Careers to expect from an MSc Artificial Intelligence (AI) degree

So, what can you expect from a degree in this field?

A modern course that combines many tech trends of today, employers will be on the lookout for digitally confident graduates and academics who understand the advantages of AI.

Here are a few roles that you could be securing:

  • Data scientist
  • Business intelligence developer
  • Computer vision engineer
  • Research scientist
  • Video games developer
  • Web designer
  • AI analyst
  • Tech engineer

These are just a handful of potential jobs you could enjoy after graduation.

Plus, with the popular demand for lucrative development and IT jobs, an MSc Artificial Intelligence (AI) degree is a passport to future success.

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